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The Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival promises an amazing 28th edition! With no fewer than 13 special shapes, in addition to dozens of regularly shaped balloons, it goes without saying that the lift-offs ahead will be spectacular. Aside from the lift-offs in the early evening and the shows at night, here are four activities to [&hellip The post August 31 to September 7: 4 things to not miss out during the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
It’s time to get crazy and reach new heights in the Outaouais region! Let’s pause for a sec, I can already imagine your facial expression while reading this first line, you’re either looking at your computer screen with a corky smile or frowning while looking at your mobile. Don’t worry. I’m talking about amazing activities [&hellip The post Reach new heights in Outaouais appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
On a farm in the countryside or along a golf course, the Outaouais region has all kinds of fruits that’s ripe for the picking. Take advantage of the warm weather to pick your own berries. Pssst… Don’t forget to bring back enough fruits in order for Grandma to prepare her famous homemade jam! Les fruits [&hellip The post August 24 to 30: Pick your own berries in Outaouais appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.

This summer, using the hashtag #outaouaisfun, share your best snapshots of the Outaouais region via Instagram or on your favorite social media platforms! Also, discover the “key locations” where you can exaggerate pour pics! See all details

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