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This weekend, Montebello will celebrate its heritage of log buildings as well as the fascinating history of the Seigniory Club during the International Festival of Log Buildings, also known as Logfest. In addition to the opening night, where retro-music will be played and the official beer of the festival created by the Brasseurs de Montebello [&hellip The post September 28 to October 4: 4 things to not miss out during the Montebello Logfest appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
Autumn is a magical season in the Outaouais region. Just a few minutes from downtown, immerse yourself in a peaceful natural setting ablaze with the vivid reds, oranges and yellows of fall. Throughout the region’s 33,000 km2 territory, there are dozens of great locations to admire the vibrant beauty of the autumn landscape. Gatineau Park Here’s [&hellip The post September 21 to 27: Fall colours in Outaouais, a dazzling natural spectacle appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
I truly enjoy showing off my Outaouais region to family & friends. So when my favorite Torontonians called to let me know they were heading my way for a “spur of the moment” weekend visit, it didn’t take me very long to start planning. And planning, I am good at 😉 I wanted to show [&hellip The post Hiking on Wolf Trail! appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.

This summer, using the hashtag #outaouaisfun, share your best snapshots of the Outaouais region via Instagram or on your favorite social media platforms! Also, discover the “key locations” where you can exaggerate pour pics! See all details

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