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What are we going to do this summer? The famous question that we repeat ourselves at this time of year … year after year. The days are getting longer, it frequently smells like BBQ in the neighbourhood, the kids are now biking to go to their friend’s house and we’re ready to plan our summer activities. [&hellip The post This summer, the Outaouais region challenges you! appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
This week, get out of the comfort of your cozy beds and go for the #outaouaisfun comfort that offers the region. Sleep tight! Spend the night on a private island Camp on a secluded island reserved just for you at Poisson Blanc Regional Park. Only little mosquitos will be joining you! Kayak or canoe to your site [&hellip The post May 25 to 31: Sweet dreams in unconventional places in Outaouais appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
After a long morning day at the office, what better than enjoying a cold beer/sangria/fruity little umbrella-sporting cocktail on a sunny patio? Not much, honestly. Let us rejoice, for the Outaouais is full of such patios! Here is short list of these #outaouaisfun places. In Gatineau In Gatineau, the words “patio” and  “Aux 4 jeudis” are almost synonymous. Vast and [&hellip The post 10 super patios in the Outaouais! appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.

This summer, using the hashtag #outaouaisfun, share your best snapshots of the Outaouais region via Instagram or on your favorite social media platforms! Also, discover the “key locations” where you can exaggerate pour pics! See all details

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