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The curious lodgings that we previously suggested were of interest to you? Here are three new suggestions that will make your stay in the region a memorable one! Sleep in a tipi at Domaine Bitobi Just minutes from the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve is the Domaine Bitobi, an amazing private property of several hundred acres [&hellip The post June 29 to July 5: Sweet dreams in unconventional places in Outaouais – Take 2 appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
“We’re proud of our lodge here in Pontiac’s beautiful, forested hills.” Denis LeBrun, owner-operator of Bryson Lake Lodge smiled, sweeping his hand to indicate what should have taken in the sparkling waters of Bryson Lake. “Actually, you can’t even see our lake at the moment! Know what? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the [&hellip The post Pontiac’s Wild Side: Bryson Lake Lodge appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
What a treat it is to go food shopping at a farmers’ market! Enjoying the fresh air, browsing the colourful stalls, sampling local flavours, chatting with friendly local vendors in a lively setting—and best of all, coming home with a shopping basket full of fresh, locally grown products from our beautiful corner of the world … [&hellip The post June 22 to 28: Explore the Outaouais region’s public markets appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.

This summer, using the hashtag #outaouaisfun, share your best snapshots of the Outaouais region via Instagram or on your favorite social media platforms! Also, discover the “key locations” where you can exaggerate pour pics! See all details

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