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” The sky is an infinite movie to me. I never get tired of looking at what’s happening up there. ” -K.D. Lang As a kid, one item showed up every year on my list to Santa : a telescope. And every year, santa brought me plenty, but no telescope. After a while, I came to accept [&hellip The post Sky gazing in the Outaouais region appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
This week in #outaouaisfun, we’re not playing in the water, but on it! Here are three activities to try to beat the summer heat. Stand-up paddle at Village Majopial Surrounded by the waters of a rare clarity and an enchanting mountain scenery, the Village récréotouristique Majopial, located on the shores of Lac des Trente-et-un Milles, [&hellip The post July 27 to August 2: Navigating on the Outaouais region’s waterways appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.
Let’s face it; I haven’t mastered the art of packing… yet! I tend to bring way too many clothing options, not enough socks, and my whole bathroom kit. Therefore, I know the struggles that can come along when you try to figure out what to bring for your trip. BUT, I’m also well aware of [&hellip The post Planning a getaway in the Outaouais region? Here’s what you need to bring with you! appeared first on Outaouais Tourism Blog.

This summer, using the hashtag #outaouaisfun, share your best snapshots of the Outaouais region via Instagram or on your favorite social media platforms! Also, discover the “key locations” where you can exaggerate pour pics! See all details

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