Living the Tarzan life

There are days when one feels adventurous and those days, no obstacle is big enough! The Outaouais has aerial parks that let every member of the family unleash their inner Indiana Jones (bonus points if the fedora fits over the helmet). Arbraska Laflèche is one of these parks. There, you will find a huge cave to explore but also ziplines, and suspended bridges that will make you appreciate nature from up high, with a good adrenaline rush as a bonus!

Start the day by making everyone happy with a decadent ice cream cone at Chocolats Favoris. then set course for Arbraska Laflèche to test your limits. A nice swim to refresh yourselves at the Centre sportif de Gatineau followed by a nice family dinner at Buffet des continents will end the day on a high note.

1 day
of excitement

Points of interest

Chocolats Favoris
455, boul. de la Gappe
Gatineau (Québec) J8T 0A2

Discover the magic of chocolate at Chocolats Favoris! Sit on our fabulous terrace and enjoy one of our many chocolate surprises, like our famous ice cream topping which comes in 12 amazing flavours, also available for fondue. Our chocolate shop and our ice cream parlour is open all year round. Rooted in age-old traditions, Chocolats Favoris’ concept offers a unique ambience where liquid chocolate rules!

23.7 km
Arbraska is not only an aerial park but also the site of the Canadian Shield's largest natural cave. It can be explored but the temperature inside the cave is 4°C year round so bring warm clothes!
Arbraska Laflèche
255, route Principale
Val-des-Monts (Québec) J8N 4B7

Come and live exciting moments on treetops and have fun on our zip lines, suspended bridges, swings, nets and way more! Release your inner Tarzan while flying over a 168-meter lake on a giant zip line that will propel you 45km/h! Arbraska Laflèche isn’t only air routes but also many other adventures to share with family, friends or colleagues such as GPS rally, Via Ferrata, team building, cave exploration or night treks for the bravest! Discover also the depth of the earth in the famous Laflèche Cave, the biggest visited cave in the Canadian Shield. Equipped with an explorer helmet, you will be able to observe the 1001 mysteries of the underworld while living an unforgettable moment.

25 km
After jumping from platform to platform, you probably need to cool down. The Centre sportif de Gatineau is a brand new, state of the art, complex where you can have a refreshing swim.
Gatineau sports centre
850, boul. La Gappe
Gatineau (Québec) J8X 3Y9

The Gatineau sports centre stands out by welcoming number of competitions from regional to international caliber including volleyball, gymnastics, water polo, synchronized swimming, swimming, diving and underwater hockey. Its advanced sports and recreational equipment are available to the general public and to Gatineau athletes training for excellence.

850 m
Quite a day, right? A nice family dinner at Buffet des continents will allow everyone to eat whatever they want, as much as they want. Oh yeah! It's almost always free for kids!
Buffet des Continents
4, rue Gare Talon
Gatineau (Québec) J8T 0B1

The international cuisine of Buffet des Continents takes you on a trip around the world! Choose from over 150 different hot and cold dishes inspired by the traditions of such places as China, Italy, France, Spain, the Middle East, the United States, Quebec, Asia, and India!