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Through posts by local writers and contributors, you’ll discover why the Outaouais region is near and dear! As passionate promoters of our beautiful part of the country, we’ll let you in on some of the Outaouais region’s best-kept secrets—without for a minute neglecting its ever-popular classic attractions, of course!

This blog is no mere duplicate of our Website: here, the tone is more informal and the subject matter more wide-ranging. What that means in concrete terms is that we’ll venture off the beaten path to explore subjects that may not be strictly tourism-related; we’ll flag our favourite events and attractions even if they don’t happen to be members of our association; we’ll feature input from our enthusiastic contributors; and we may even share the microphone occasionally… for a few minutes!

We want our blog to be friendly and welcoming, but that doesn’t mean we’ll tolerate offensive content. We do invite constructive comments! 

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And now, meet our bloggers:



I moved in the Outaouais region a while ago, but I’m still thrilled and curious to explore my adopted hometown. There is so much to see, to do, and above all to eat and drink! I describe myself as a foodie; every bike ride, hike in the Gatineau Park or stroll downtown goes with a bite to eat. If you are looking for me, chances are I’ll be in one of the « old » areas (Aylmer, Hull or Chelsea).



Whoever said that no one is a prophet in their own land obviously never met me. Whether at the front desk at our information office, in my workshop painting scenes from the area, or (often) sipping a cold one on a Vieux-Hull patio, I discover more and more of my native region every day. A fan of good food, good beer, good culture, and beautiful sceneries, my self-appointed mission, be it with my paintbrushes or my keyboard, is to get you to discover it as well and see why I’m still in love with the Outaouais after all these years.



Dynamic, almost hyperactive, very sportive and in love with the Outaouais region, ma homeland, I love when things are moving… and fast! In my everyday life, a quiet weekend doesn’t exist because there so much to see, so much to do! Between a museum visit, a run along the river shores, a night out in Old-Hull or a cycling outing… You’ll also fall in love with the Outaouais region!



First-time blogger, mother of two, auntie of five, proud native and champion of the Outaouais region. This is my home, this region that is both neighbour to Canada’s capital and the gateway to Quebec. And let me tell you, that gateway is wide open. If I weren’t so terrified of needles, I’d probably have “Outaouais” tattooed on my arm! I was born here, I grew up here and I’m raising my children here, and I’ve designed this blog for parents looking for ideas for fun, rewarding and relaxing family getaways!



Epicurean, sometimes clumsy and most of times curious, I’m a “made in Outaouais” kind of gal! My interests: communications and social media, visual and street arts, music… I’m definitely a foodie and I looove life! Throughout this blog, I will have the pleasure and privilege to address a few of my favorite topics… One article at a time!



Born and raised in the Outaouais, this region continues to amaze me. I’m passionate about communications and I have a sweet spot for Ricardo’s desserts and nonsensical Hollywood gossips (yes… I do), but above all, I’m someone very determined and fearless. So no matter what the challenge is, bring it on! Through my own lens, I hope I can help you discover (or rediscover) the place I call home and its many fascinating, surprising and stunning facets.



Sandy is a travel writer, Social Media Director for the BConnected Conference, and blogger at Canadian Blog House. She has called Ottawa home for the last 6 years and loves to take the short drive across the bridge to experience all the great things the Outaouais region has to offer!