In life, there are some people who walk and some who run ... into danger. Are you a thrill seeker? Are you in your element when your senses are spiked with adrenaline? In the Outaouais region, we have extreme adventures for everyone! Soar high above the water on a Flyboard®, a personal jet pack that mounts to your feet. Go skydiving, jump onto a massive airbag, or bungee at the Morrison Quarry, the highest jump in North America. Suddenly, you see life in colour, youve had your adrenaline fix, and youre happyall thanks to us! Younger adventurers won't be left out. Take a trip on a pirate ship or explore the river by airboat. Go on a treasure hunt in a geobike: your teens can even practise their driving and, as every parent knows, that's an extreme adventure in itself.

Things to do - Adventure