Apple and fruit picking

A fruit that is picked by yourself tastes better, right? The Outaouais region is fortunate enough to know hot and sunny summers; making our berries tastier. During your stay in the Outaouais region, discover a little unknown fruit: the camerise. Resembling an elongated blueberry, this berry features a blend of unexpected flavors: raspberry, rhubarb, cranberry and blackcurrant. In Japan, it's called the longevity fruit. Bring your little basket for strawberries, raspberries, cherries or apples... (bring a larger one for your pumpkin) and taste the joys of pick-your-own favorite fruits. After harvest, relax while you enjoy your picnic on the lush lands. And even when the snow has covered the plantations, you can still pick-your-own... Christmas tree. But it can't be eaten, unless you decide to make fir jelly!

Things to do - Apple and fruit picking