You lost your Internet connection? Excellent. Drop the small screen and look around you. Beautiful, isn’t?
It's called Nature. And in the Outaouais region, there is plenty. With thousands of lakes, rivers, forests and wilderness, the Outaouais is the ideal place to set the stage and do some backcountry camping. You choose: loneliness and holy peace on a desert island in canoe camping, family-friendly caravan or luxury camping with your friends in ready-to-camp tents. For example, in Camping du Petit Lac-Simon, you can have fun with your family, go on boat or canoe, swim in the lake or in one of two pools, play volleyball or mini-putt. As for the alone on a desert island experience, well, you'll have time... alone... with yourself. In short, to clear your thoughts or to fill up on memories, there will always be a place somewhere in the Outaouais for you (and your marshmallows.)

Things to do - Camping