Canoe, kayak and rafting

Do you hear the waves lapping? The water is calling youand here in Outaouais, with more than 20,000 lakes and a dozen rivers, it calls loudly! Our ancestors, the raftsmen, have left us a beautiful playground. These days, though we no longer jump from log to log, we do get out on the water in a variety of boats: canoes, kayaks, rabaskas, paddleboards, airboats, riverboards, and pedal boats. You can even experience the luxury of owning a private yacht during your stay. In the heart of the city, on the Ottawa River, or in the countryside in Gatineau Park or one of our wildlife sanctuaries, youre sure to find a peaceful spot where you can escape onto the water. If peaceful isn’t quite your style, you can shoot the rapids in a raft. and the truly fearless can try night rafting under the full moon! Here in Outaouais, its fun to go with the flow!

Things to do - Canoe, kayak and rafting