Horseback riding

Do you know how to approach a horse? If you're stressed or aggressive, the horse will sense it immediately. Being in the company of a horse means using all five senses to establish a non-verbal dialogue. Promise yourself that next time youre around one of these magnificent beasts, youll be more Zen! Give yourself over to an equestrian adventure. This uniquely cooperative form of transportation is available year-round throughout the Outaouais region. Riding through the woods among the colourful autumn leaves or dashing through the snow in a horse-drawn sleigh, youll discover our region's most beautiful city and country landscapes. You can explore the groomed trails for a few hours or a full day, and for novice riders we have riding lessons and equestrian day camps. Hop into the saddle and off you go at a walk, trot or gallop!

7 km/h
walking pace of a horse
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