Wildlife, farms and animals

For a glimpse of the wonders of the animal kingdom, visit the Outaouais region, where you can observe all kinds of native and exotic wildlife. At Parc Oméga, the deer and elk, roaming free in their natural habitat, will leave nose prints on your car windows in their search for a tasty carrot. When you and your fellow humans get hungry, you can have a picnic at the heritage farm. At Pheasants of the Hills, discover more than 30 different kinds of pheasants. If feathers aren’t your thing, there are lots of furry friends waiting to meet you. Visit one of the region’s farms, where you can cuddle up to rabbits, sheep, horses, donkeys, and alpacas—and even see an Iron Age pig, a cross between a domestic pig and a wild boar! A farm visit is not only a good way to reconnect with nature, it’s an opportunity to thank the farmers who produce the food we eat. Now your kids will know that egg nog doesn’t come from chickens, and chocolate milk doesn’t come from brown cows!

​species at Parc Oméga
Things to do - Wildlife, farms and animals