Zip treck

"In life, everything is a question of balance and perspective. And that's especially true when you are hanging above a canyon or between two huge trees. In the Outaouais region, three aerial parks are available to make your climbing genes reappear, and that, day and night, year-round. Ziplines, suspended bridges, climbing walls, platforms, crazy bridges... Your teens or your kids will feel like an Ewok, a squirrel or a monkey! Regarding the Coulonge River, an additional aerial challenge awaits you. A high wire obstacle course: the Via Ferrata. Imagine yourself climbing a rock wall in a canyon using steps already embedded in the rock. No need to be a professional to try out this high adrenaline activity. Several routes are available. So go for it! Roam from tree to another and contemplate nature from above. Then you will know what it feels to be a bird or a squirrel.

speed of the giant zip line
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