Cycling trail from Plaisance to Thurso

Plaisance (Québec), Canada

With nearly 40 km of trails to ride, Plaisance National Park is a destination for cycling enthusiasts. Take a leisurely ride in the Thurso sector, on a trail along the magnificent Ottawa River, offering a majestic panorama. Located in the heart of the Presqu'iles sector, the Serpentine and Étangs trails allow you to cross several habitats along the way. Let the environment charge you. Take the Carrière trail to extend your excursion. This trail connects the two sectors of the park.


  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Total length: 40 km

Services on site

  • Easy path
  • Intermediate path
  • Washrooms


  • Total length: 7 km
  • Easy path

Nearby attractions

1.1 km

Gaufre'N Go

1.7 km

Parc national de Plaisance

1.7 km

Camping Parc national de Plaisance

2.2 km

Le centre d'art populaire du Québec

4 km

Les Chutes du Moulin

5.4 km

Cabane à sucre Brazeau

8.5 km

The 350th anniversary of the Seigneurie de la Petite-Nation

9 km

florAnik ferme florale

9.4 km

Petite Nation en fête

9.9 km

75th Meridian Sundial

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