Ottawa Yacht Tours

Gatineau (Québec), Canada

Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing while you indulge in an experience like no other. Join us in exploring the extraordinary, and discover Ottawa from the river. Would you prefer sunrise or sunset?


  • Smoke-free
  • Restaurant on site
  • Free parking

Nearby attractions

30 m

Rest’O’Bord Le Pirate

90 m

Café Fwanest

140 m

À La Dérive Brasserie Artisanale

420 m

Signature Event Boats

450 m

Ürban Rentals – pontoon rentals

470 m

Kokomo Inn aux Berges des Outaouais

490 m

Jacques-Cartier Street

720 m

Héritage colombien

900 m

Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival

910 m

NCC River House

Blogs and routes


The Grand Chemins d’eau Expedition


A tour of Jacques-Cartier Street


By boat to Jacques-Cartier Street