The 10 favorite restaurants of Outaouais residents

Published on November 22 2017

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Two weeks ago we asked residents of the Outaouais about their favourite restaurants in the region, and we were inundated with responses! The recommendations spanned the entire region and every taste and budget, creating an appetizing panorama of the Outaouais food scene.

And so, without further delay, here are the Outaouais' Top 10 picks!

10. Les Fougères, Chelsea

A local fine cuisine institution, Les Fougères recently updated both the restaurant and the menu, and the large windows offer breathtaking views of the surrounding woods. Everyone adores the menu selections prepared with fresh local products, not to mention the gourmet boutique next door to the restaurant where you can buy, among other delights, prepared meals to take home.

It’s worth mentioning that Les Fougères chef Yannick LaSalle placed second in his debut at the Gold Medal Plates culinary competition in Ottawa last week. Congratulations!

9. Akabane, Old Chelsea

The many fans of Gy, the popular and much-missed restaurant in Old Hull, were delighted when chef Gyno Lefrançois and his partner Nathalie Chamberland opened Akabane, a casual, funky bistro on Old Chelsea Road. If you love meat-based dishes and comfort food, be sure to add Akabane to your list—if you haven’t already!


8. L'Orée du bois, Chelsea

It seems Chelsea is the spot for fine dining! L’Orée du Bois specializes in fine French cuisine with a local flavour. And the rustic décor is as enjoyable as the food! Chef Jean-Claude Chartrand gained prominence on the Quebec scene last year when he placed second in Radio-Canada’s televised “Combat des villes” culinary competition, representing Chelsea.


7. L'Huile d'olive, Bouchette

There’s good food to be found in the Valley as well! Helmed by chef Marc Gervais, L’Huile d’olive is known for its mouth-watering dishes, special menus, stunning view of Thirty-One Mile Lake, and wine cellar to impress the most discriminating oenophile (check it out through the glass panel in the floor!). It’s no wonder that L’Huile d’olive has quickly established itself as an Outaouais highlight.


6. Rustiek, taverne gastronomique, Old Hull

Oh. My. Goodness, is the food at Rustiek ever amazing! Wild game, fresh Quebec products, outstanding selection of microbrewery beers … and a menu featuring locally‑ and internationally‑inspired dishes, all cooked to perfection. While you’re there, say hello to Gustav Van Rustiek: he’s often to be found behind the bar or somewhere on the premises.

5. Les Vilains garçons, Old Hull

There’s no set menu; rather, inspiration, motivation, and a dash of irreverence have turned this place into a top Old Hull eatery, specializing in pintxos, the Basque equivalent of tapas. Don’t be surprised to find Les Vilains operating a sandwich bar in the entranceway, or creating succulent soups under the pseudonym Faux beaux gars.

Un des meilleurs brunchs en Outaouais 👉 @lesvilainsgarcons 🍳🍂

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4. Bistro CoqLicorne, Vieux-Hull

Sumptuous sandwiches, tapas that bring a big smile to your face, an inspired daily menu, imaginatively and evocatively named menu choices, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere: all this adds up to another Old Hull favourite. Every Tuesday beginning at 5 p.m., the chef concocts two poutines (different ones each week) that prove beyond a doubt that this humble item can be elevated to gourmet status!

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3. Belga Bistro Bar, Buckingham

Thanks to this new destination on Buckingham Avenue, the eastern end of Gatineau is attracting an enthusiastic bistro crowd. An outstanding menu created by renowned chef Luc Gielen, an impressive cocktail menu, and a ChocoMotive outlet—it’s well worth the trip!


2. Antonyme, Aylmer

The menu at Antonyme changes weekly, but some things stay the same: the food is creative, it’s fresh, and most of all, it’s soooo goooooood! If you’re puzzled by some of the menu choices, the helpful staff will be happy to explain. No wonder Antonyme is a local favourite!

1. Le Cellier, Vieux-Hull

Your #1 pick! Mussels, tartares (especially on Thursdays, when they’re half price from 8 to 11 p.m.), grilled dishes, sharing plates … The setting, in a red brick Victorian house, is beautiful, the food is outstanding, and the ambiance is ideal for an intimate dîner à deux or a round of drinks with friends that lasts well into the evening …

This is just a sampling of the many fine tables in the Outaouais, so consider this a first instalment! Keep exploring our region’s restaurants, and we’ll share your discoveries and recommendations in future posts. When it comes to food, our region is definitely #outaouaisfun!

Click here for a more extensive list of restaurants in the Outaouais.



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