5 Outaouais gift products

Published on October 4 2018

Looking for the best way to thank your guests? Here are some regional products that they will remember for a long time.

1. Chocolate from Rochef

They’re famous for their fabulous chocolate-covered blueberries. But Rochef is so much more! Their chocolate is made with the best ingredients—and not a drop of palm oil! Their fine chocolate products include truffles, fondues, gift baskets, and, for lovers of pure cocoa, an impressive range of dark chocolate bars. Read the story of the chocolatier and his business partner, and you’ll appreciate their passion for a job well done!

2. Beer from Gainsbourg

Gainsbourg is a bistro in the heart of Old Hull; it’s also a microbrewery that offers a variety of beers brewed on site. Which of the nine options will you choose: the citrus notes of a Blanche de Chelsea, a Côte Ouest, a California-inspired IPA, or a Bonnie Parker, a red ale with hazelnut accents? Beer is liquid friendship!

3. Preserves from the Wakefield Confectionery

Since 1983, the little shop at 817 Riverside Road has been the go-to place for treats of all kinds. Jams, relishes and chutneys hold no secrets for Marc and Sylvie, who took over the business in 2003. Now it’s Marc who makes the confectionery’s jams, fudges and sweets. Your guests will take home a little happiness in a jar from the charming village of Wakefield. Raspberry jam with Grand Marnier, mango and Bourbon vanilla sauce … leave your guests with sweet memories!

4. Candles from Bougie Doozy Candle

Forget mass-produced supermarket candles. Did you know that paraffin wax gives off more light than any other kind of wax? The artisans at Doozy Candle certainly do! Made from the finest paraffin wax, their top-quality candles burn longer and don’t drip, and some can even be reused. Now that’s a gift that keeps the flame alive!

5. Cider from Croque Pomme

Here’s another fine Outaouais product: cider from the Croque-Pomme orchard. For more than 10 years, the cidery has been producing a variety of tasty ciders, all made from apples frozen by the deep cold of winter. Cryoextraction is a method that yields a more concentrated juice with a distinctive taste. Cheers!

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