61 places in downtown Gatineau for Pokemon hunters

Published on July 27 2016

Ok. If you're reading this, you already know what Pokemons are. You know the difference between a Pokestop and a gym and chances are you've got quite a few entries in your Pokedex. You're probably looking for more and are ready to walk a bit for your eggs to hatch.

Before the game was officially launched in Canada, we thought it'd be nice to locate all the Pokestops and gyms in the Outaouais. But then we downloaded the game. Oh boy. There are a lot. Like A LOT lot. Just in a square km around the Museum of History, I located 52 Pokestops and 9 gyms. I caught 10 Pokemons in less than 2 hours but I would have caught more had my phone not crashed many times like it want to break a record as I walked from one stop to the other. Anyway, today I want to invite you to discover the Vieux-Hull as I did, one Pokestop at a time. And because we're so nice, we even prepared this interactive map to make life easier for you. You're welcome!



The Museum's surroundings!

The Canadian Museum of History is a must both for anyone seeking knowledge or the most experienced Pokemon catchers. On the museum grounds and at the entrance of the Alexandra Bridge, there are no less than 14 Pokestops and a gym! The fact that so many people go there means there are often lures at these stops so your hunt promises to be good. While you're there, head to Jacques-Cartier Park. Many other Pokestops are there, including one at the statue of Maurice "the Rocket" Richard.


On Laurier, heading for Du Portage.

Of course, you won't stop at the museum! There's a world of Pokemons to be caught across Laurier Street so set sail for Promenade Du Portage. On the way, Du Portage park (165, Hotel-de-Ville Street, behind the Maison du citoyen, Gatineau's City Hall) has another gym and on Thursdays, you can enjoy Marché du Vieux-Hull's local products. Just be careful not to stop suddenly if a Drowzee pops up in front of you, 'cause you might cause someone to trip and drop their bushel of squashes or spill their butter chicken on you, depriving them of a lunch (and soiling your shirt). Once on Du Portage, walk around the government buildings and you'll find (almost) as many Pokestops as there are Tim Hortons in an average Canadian City. And if my phone hadn't crashed, I'm sure my Jynx would have beaten the Hypno in the gym at Laval/Du Portage...

Though there are no Pokestops per se on Laval Street , go visit the cafés, bars and restaurants that are there. I caught an Arcanine on Bistro CoqLicorne's patio and a Zubat in Où... Quoi! Lounge Urbain. You'll also find three more Pokestops in Fontaine park just down the street.


The area around Théâtre de l’île has 4 Pokestops (5 if you cross the street into Portageurs park on the other side of Alexandre-Taché). The Theatre is currently unaccessible because of repairs but you should have no problem getting Pokeballs and other gadgets. Follow Montcalm and you'll stops at Ste. Bernadette Church (behind Soif – bar à vin) and two more near Brasseurs du temps, including one on Montcalm Bridge, where a real chunk of the Eiffel Tower is located. By the way, the Festival du Recycl'art is on by Brewery Creek for the summer but you won't be able to catch these creations with a Pokeball. Just with your eyes. There are two gyms just a little further up the street.

Near Brewery Creek.


Of course, there are Pokestops and gyms throughout the region. The area I just mentioned is just a starting point! Have I missed a few? Don't hesitate to tell us about your catches (I saw a Snorlax in a gym by Galeries de Hull but I wasn't yeat a level 5 to go get it)! And don't forget to let your eyes off the screen to look on both sides of the street before crossing. 'cause, you know, we care about you... Have a good hunt!

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