May 9–15: #Outaouaisfun menus for camping enthusiasts!

Published on May 11 2016

Shake out your sleeping bags: camping season is here at last, to the delight of outdoor lovers who enjoy heading into the wilderness every weekend to sit around the campfire, crack open a few beers, roast marshmallows and sing songs. It’s a great way to discover different parts of the country, and most of all to have fun with family and friends.

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to starve. Here are a few #Outaouaisfun places where you can stock up on delicious local products to enhance your outdoor experience!

Depending on where you’re headed, these culinary destinations are well worth a visit.

La Trappe à fromage

True to its name, La Trappe à fromage stocks more than 350 varieties of local and international cheese, but they also have a fine selection of baked goods, deli products, microbrewery beers, confections and gourmet foods. My personal favourite: the cheese curds, made fresh daily.


Domaine Mont-Vézeau

I’d visited this vineyard before, but I’d never set foot in their little boutique. What was I waiting for? Here you’ll find everything you need for a gourmet weekend: strawberry and raspberry wines (amazing, you have to try these), port-style fortified red wine, artisanal chocolates from Rochef Chocolatier and ChocoMotive, jams and jellies made with their own fruit, and strawberry and raspberry desserts. My mouth is watering as I write!

Mont Vezeau

Chelsea Smokehouse

If you like fish and seafood, you’ll love the Chelsea Smokehouse. Besides a delectable variety of fresh and smoked fish, they sell cheese, sausages, cold cuts, pâtés, breads and jams.


And don’t forget that the Outaouais region’s many farmers’ markets will open in just a few weeks. For more information about local products, visit the Outaouais Gourmet Way website.

For more information about camping in the Outaouais, click here.

Happy camping in #Outaouaisfun!


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