Must-try family activities this summer!

Published on June 28 2019 - Sponsored

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As a mother, I firmly believe that family activities should be as much fun for me as for the kids! (My partner isn’t so fussy.) But I find that when I have a good time, the memories are that much more precious.

A varied summer program in Gatineau

In Gatineau, we’re very lucky to have so many festivals, events, live shows and outdoor activities to choose from. What’s more, a lot of that summer programming is absolutely free!

Personally, I’m a big fan of festivals, because they offer activities for everyone in a single location.

The Gatineau Auto Show

Here are my top summer picks!

Wonders of Sand and outdoor movies

Once you’ve admired the Wonders of Sand, watched a sand carving demonstration and met a roaming T-Rex, you can relax (at last!) at an outdoor neighbourhood movie night. The kids had a great day running around having fun, and I laughed to see my partner tumbling off the inflatable structures in the Aquazone water park.

Festivals, festivals and more festivals

Throughout the summer, there are festivals in every sector of Gatineau. Among them are:

So there’s lots to do every weekend. You don’t have to go far to find family fun!

Ville de Gatineau
Ville de Gatineau

Follow the red line down Gatineau's Culture Trail

Cultural activities in Gatineau

In summer, I also like the quiet days when we participate in outdoor reading workshops offered by the Gatineau Municipal Library. A simple activity I don’t have to organize, during which I can daydream? Thumbs up to that! And it’s important to save our energy for the free evening concert. A free activity in my neighbourhood? Two thumbs up!

For days I feel more energetic, there are Zumba classes or guided rabaska canoe tours on the Lièvre River … or maybe we should get a babysitter and attend an outdoor performance of Molière’s Les fourberies de Scapin after strolling the Culture Trail.

There’s certainly no lack of choice in the Outaouais. A “staycation” can be great fun—and with the money you save on gas, you can buy a restaurant meal, admission to an activity, or an ice cream!

Looking for more ideas for great family memories? Read our blog post about new summer activities in the Outaouais.

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