Alegría celebrates its 25th birthday in Gatineau this summer

Published on June 5 2019

After 225 cities, 14 million spectators and 19 years of touring, Alegría returns after a little facelift. But don’t worry, it’s nothing weird: Cirque du Soleil’s unmistakable aesthetic is still very much intact. See this classic, which turns 25 this summer, on the Zibi site from August 1 to September 1.

Alegría has kept up with the times without rejecting its past. The sets, the lighter costumes, the music … everything has been updated for our greater enjoyment. Even the acrobats are more agile and stronger than they were a quarter century ago. Everything has evolved, even the acrobats’ routines!


Alegría (which means “joy” in Spanish) is about a kingdom. Where is the king? We don’t know, but we conclude that he’s gone, leaving his subjects completely adrift; and the king’s jester has taken over. The characters juggle with fire, perform with hoops, bounce on trampolines, literally fly over our heads … The Cirque’s 50 athletes are in top form. As the Alegría theme song plays, a couple rises into the air, suspended from straps. Hanging sometimes by their feet, sometimes by their hands, they amaze us with their acrobatics. Their lives are literally in each other’s hands! It’s utterly astonishing and deeply moving.

M-A Lemire ©2019 Cirque du Soleil
M-A Lemire ©2019 Cirque du Soleil

Aerial Straps


There’s nothing like the energy of an orchestra performing live on stage. At first I thought the music was a recorded soundtrack, but when I saw the drummer come out with her instrument to accompany the fire juggler, I felt a real thrill. I loved watching the connection between the two. Then, I pictured the rest of the group, including the two fabulous singers, behind the scenes. Judging by the smiles on the faces of the other spectators as we left the Big Top after the show, I wasn’t the only one to have fallen under Cirque du Soleil’s spell.


Before the show, meet for a bite in one of the great restaurants in Old Hull. It’s soooooo convenient, being just a couple of minutes from the Big Top! And after the show, come back for a nightcap on one of the patios along Laval Street.

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On the Zibi site, Laurier Street, Gatineau


August 1 to September 1


Tickets from $66.75

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