Le brasseur de Montebello

Published on July 13 2018

*Behind every menu, product and experience, you’ll find passionate people and their stories. Discover these proud Outaouais ambassadors! Since the publication of this text, many changes have taken place at Brasseurs de Montebello! We invite you to consult their website for the most recent updates.

There are many good reasons to take Highway 50, but the best remains a stop in Montebello to enjoy a beer proudly brewed in the Petite-Nation.

Sips of history

Les Brasseurs de Montebello (The Brewers of Montebello) was established only four years ago, but it’s already well acquainted with the habits of beer lovers in the Outaouais. The little yellow cottage on Notre-Dame Street takes you back to the Petite-Nation in the 19th century, a pivotal time in Quebec’s history. Step inside for the most enjoyable regional history lesson you’ll ever get. All this, thanks to beer!

“Each of my beers has its own story, linked to key characters and events in the region,” says Alain Larivière, the company’s president and master brewer. For instance, Fantôme d’Ezilda is named after the daughter of Louis-Joseph Papineau, while Jackrabbit pays tribute to cross-country skiing pioneer Herman Smith-Johannsen.

Happiness (and discoveries) one drink at a time

In opening the 123rd microbrewery in Quebec, Alain’s mission was to introduce and promote craft beers. It was this same motivation that led him to found a beer-tasting club in 1995 that now has chapters in Texas and Alsace.

“The beers people like in Montebello aren’t the same as in Laval or St-Jérôme. I do test runs of 30 or 50 litres before I make big batches: we listen to people,” says Alain.

In a way, Les Brasseurs de Montebello reflects the character and personality of the residents of the Petite-Nation. And that’s not all! The brewer also partners with local businesses such as Douceurs du Mont Vinoy (La Reine du Mont Vinoy), ChocoMotive (La Choco-Bello) and the Fromagerie Montebello (La Dorée) to showcase a full range of local flavours.

On your next trip to the Petite-Nation, be sure to visit Les Brasseurs de Montebello to discover the history, culture and flavours of this little corner of paradise.


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