The Snow Queen of Camp Fortune

Published on March 1 2021

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One thing’s for sure about Erin Boucher, the assistant manager of Camp Fortune: she’s never far from her snowboard and the ski trails. From the time she started working at the resort at the age of 17, she’s never strayed from her first love!

A Family Ski Hill

Although Camp Fortune is known for its snow quality and superb trail conditions, those are far from its only distinctive features. Visitors soon realize that this is no average ski resort! Whether you’re an employee or a client, you’re part of what’s known as “the big Fortune family”.

Over the years, several generations have answered the call of the snow cannons and learned to ski on Camp Fortune’s trails. “It’s a way of life in Chelsea/Aylmer,” Erin says. “The kids work at the resort and the parents come to ski.” The big mountains may often be in the spotlight, but it’s the smaller ones that provide everyday fun. “It’s the kind of mountain where you grow up, where you always come back.”

Erin knows what she’s talking about—she’s the perfect example of a child of the mountain! “I grew up at the ski resort, my second home,” she says.

A Hundred-Year-Old Venture

When Erin describes the evolution of the ski resort where she grew up, she turns into a bit of a historian: she has the historical facts at her fingertips! For our visit, she even searched through the archives to dig out several vintage items: black and white photos, old trail maps and other reminders of yesteryear.

Among the highlights of its history is the fact that the resort celebrated its 100th birthday last year. It’s been operating since 1920! “In the beginning, Camp Fortune was more about cross-country skiing,” Erin recalls. It wasn’t until the 1930s that Camp Fortune began its transformation into the downhill ski centre we know today.

Camp Fortune is definitely a fixture in Chelsea’s ecosystem. With 25 trails on 3 slopes, it offers something for all tastes and levels. Whether you’re just mastering the pizza slice or an Olympic-calibre slalom skier, there’s a trail for you. And no matter how big it gets, there’s always a spot for you in “the big Fortune family”!


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