Sandra Armstrong invites us into the past

Published on August 3 2021

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In Mansfield-et-Pontefract, in the Pontiac, lies a true cultural jewel: a home built in 1854, transformed into a museum and housing the fascinating history of the Pontiac pioneers. At its helm is its president, SandraArmstrong, who is very proud to oversee the preservation of this historic monument thats well worth a visit!

A true Pontiac heritage

“At the George Bryson Cultural House, you open the door and you start discovering,” says Sandra. As you enter, you immediately feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the 1800s. 

A visit will allow you to learn about the history of the Brysons, but also about the way of life of the people of the time. “The main industry was really lumber and wood,” notes Sandra. Some rooms in George Bryson House are therefore dedicated to the development of forestry and the log drive. 

“We take great pride in telling the story of the region—it reminds us where we come from!”

Escape rooms

For those looking for an unusual experience, this historic monument is the only one to have escape rooms! What’s an escape room? It’s a game that consists of escaping from a themed room within a given time frame, using various clues. 

“We have two escape rooms on the third floor,” says Sandra. “Two of our students developed one of the rooms, and the other was designed by a couple who have created escape rooms all over the world!”

A haunted house?

There are rumours about the George Bryson Heritage House. It seems that you can sense presences and see spirits. 

What can Sandra tell us about this? 

“I never come in here alone,” she declares! That pretty much says it all…

For Sandra, the George Bryson Heritage House represents strength and character. “It really wants to stay standing, as do the people of our community—and of the entire Outaouais as well.” 

There are so many good reasons to stop by the George Bryson Cultural House. Add it to your itinerary the next time you’re in the Pontiac!


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