The Little Red Wagon: A short detour that’s well worth it!

Published on February 28 2020

*Behind every menu, product and experience, you’ll find passionate people and their stories. Discover these proud Outaouais ambassadors!

Jennifer Dale and Scott Judd enjoy entertaining, and it shows! The moment we arrive at The Little Red Wagon vineyard, we’re greeted by the farm dogs, Jennifer’s smile and Scott’s infectious laugh.

“Jennifer and I have always enjoyed hosting parties and entertaining friends and family at home. The vineyard was a logical way to be able to have even more people over.” —Scott Judd

Scott is a farmer and owns a dairy farm near the vineyard in the Pontiac. He and his family have been working the land for four generations.

Harvesting the fruits of their labours

Before planting a vineyard, the couple considered opening a pick-your-own operation offering raspberries and blackberries. However, a visit to a vineyard in Luskville started them thinking about having a vineyard on their land.

Since 2010, The Little Red Wagon has grown from 500 to more than 5,400 vines and produces more than 3,000 litres of wine annually.

Though Jennifer and Scott are quick to admit that in the early days of the venture they had some scant harvests and some less than successful cuvées, they now have three products of which they are very proud: Lil’ Red, Lil’ White and Lil’ Rosé, three wines that can be enjoyed on the spot or purchased from several local retailers.

Deep roots in the Outaouais

Besides being a winemaker, Jennifer is also a painter. Her works and those of other Outaouais artists are displayed in the dining room, which doubles as an art gallery. It’s a way for her to showcase regional products and prove that there’s lots to see here, both in town and in rural areas. She would like to see more enterprises emerging in the Pontiac region, to which she is strongly attached.

“I believe people should be proud of their area, be happy and show it.” —Jennifer Dale

Jennifer and Scott have good reason to be proud. As we leave the beautiful Little Red Wagon vineyard, we’re already making plans for a return visit!


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