Manuela Teixeira: The art of being a good host

Published on March 7 2022

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ManuelaTeixeira, president and CEO of OldChelsea Square, is full of great ideas! Having lived in in the area for over two decades, she never tires of the village, and admits that it has a special atmosphere all its own.

Backed by her large team, she has only one goal: to continue to develop OldChelsea Square into a place where visitors and residents alike can make wonderful memories!

Your feel good place

That’s the motto of Old Chelsea Square! 

“When you arrive in the village, you get a special feeling. You’re away from the noise of the city, and you’re not in the same frame of mind. Everything is more relaxed,” says Manuela. 

It’s exactly that authenticity and serenity that people seek out time and time again when they come to Old Chelsea Square, whether it’s for a coffee and pastry at Biscotti & cie, a hearty bistro-style meal at the Chelsea Pub, or a romantic getaway at the Village Lofts. It’s definitely a place that encourages return visits!

The influence of family values

Manuela was born into an immigrant family and raised in Old Hull, and the family values she grew up with definitely play a part in the success of the Square and the happiness index of visitors. 

“When I was young, every Sunday, my mother would have a group of friends over and we’d welcome them into our home, even though we weren’t very well off,” Manuela recalls. Those memories are what motivate her day after day to offer quality service in her establishments. 

“We want our destinations to give people the kind of welcome we’d like to get ourselves! That’s what we aim to do in each of our establishments.”

Intelligent development

Everything Manuela and her team touch turns to gold, but is that just a coincidence? Not at all! In addition to the influence of family values, the entire development of Old Chelsea Square has been extensively and carefully planned. 

“Development is inevitable,” Manuela acknowledges. However, the challenge is to do it in an intelligent, sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and that’s what she and her team seek to achieve with each project. 

“What we build today is the heritage of tomorrow. We’re lucky enough to be able to put our creative stamp on it, so that future generations can benefit.” 

A lot of thought goes into every detail—into the look, into the general vibe of each place. Everything has been thought through, and it shows! The vision of development also considers how people will use the space. “The important thing is not just to develop, but to create spaces and places that are appealing, where both tourists and residents will feel at home,” says Manuela.

What’s next?

There are several projects currently in the works to enhance the Square’s offering. A second phase of the Village Lofts will soon be ready for occupation. 

A distillery is also in the planning stages. “It’s a great project. We’re going to highlight the history of the local population, the history of Gatineau Park. There will be an educational component, and another component that’s all about the pleasure of discovering spirits,” explains Manuela. Who knows? Maybe Chelsea will soon have its own Glenmorangie! 

Finally, a renovation project for La Petite Grocerie is also in the planning stages. There will be new accommodation on the 2nd and 3rd floors, while the ground floor will be occupied by the shop and a delicatessen.

No matter how old you are, Old Chelsea Square will welcome you! “We have ‘young ’uns’ and older people. Sports enthusiasts of all ages. I see mothers with their newborn babies.” Everybody wins! 


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