April 13 to 19: 3 places to see baby animals in Outaouais

Published on April 13 2015

How to best describe the #outaouaisfun spring? Sun, mud, smiles from ear to ear and adorable baby animals. Yep, this is the time of birth in the animal kingdom. Here are three places to meet this miniature wildlife in our region.

Ferme Cabriole (Farm)

Your children won’t stop raving about it on the way back from the Cabriole Farm as they’ll be delighted to recount their experience over and over again. Cuddle plush chicks, feed the lambs from your hand, and meet bunnies who are just a few weeks-old. You can also enjoy an introduction to horseback riding or aerobatics during your visit. Definitely the icing on the cake!

Parc Omega

Discover another amazing side of Parc Omega thanks to the newborn wild boars. A dozen of them will be glad to show their cute nose during your visit. Small, striped and clumsy... nothing else but cute! Even Dad’s heart will melt. The nice weather also means the return of geese on our regional soil and the black bears coming out of their tavern.

Don’t forget to take a few selfies in the car with the white-tailed deer. They are so proud of their new antlers!

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Here’s a short quiz from the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum: How many lambs are needed to knit a sweater? None; lambs don’t know how to knit!

As you can imagine, the Museum provides a memorable and fun experience for the entire family. Lambs, kids (baby goats), chicks, and piglets will be waiting for you. Your little farmers will become real pros by participating in daily demonstrations such as grooming calves. But don’t forget your boots. Spring is bringing lots of mud at the Museum!

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