WHAT TO DO April 21 to 23: Spring, FINALLY!!!

Published on April 21 2017

Cover photo: @greatcanadianbungee (Instagram)

Spring brings back flowers, buds, groundhogs and all that nature that's been asleep for the past few months and for that, we love it (the excessive rain, not so much though)! Know what else it brings back? Summer activities! Here are a few #outaouaisfun activities that are back for the sunny season ('cause the rain won't last forever), paired up with local brews, because a nice cold one on a sunny patio is also an undeniable sign of the beautiful months ahead.

Great Canadian Bungee

Adrenaline junkies rejoice! The highest bungee jump on the continent is located in Wakefield and they're opening April 22! Because it's gonna be a sunny week-end, you'll have an unforgettable view (considering you'll be hanging upside down) on sublime Morrison Quarry and its pristine, blue waters. You might want to regain your senses or celebrate your accomplishment afterwards so head to nearby Chelsea Pub for a pint of Blanche de Chelsea or Orange Tie Wrap. Bonus points if you can compare the coolness of the beer to the quarry's water.

Délice Champêtre

Nothing says summer like enjoying a hot dog with fries at a roadside snackbar's pick-nick table. At Montebello's Délice Champêtre, you'll find all the items you'd expect in black letters over any fast-food counter. Only here, fast-food doesn't mean junk. Far from it! Everything is homemade (or made by nearby growers or craftspeople) and it is goooood! Next door are Les Brasseurs de Montebello, whose creations are inspired by local history and folklore. So follow up your blue cheese burger or bison poutine with a pint of Fantôme d'Ezilda or Kenauk Ale!

Amigo Recreational Complex

Nice day for a few laps! In Gatineau's eastern sector, Amigo Karting is THE place for friendly competition. Wether you feel like Lewis Hamilton or just want to blow off steam after being stuck behind a slow left lane driver, there are many kart models to suit your adrenaline needs, from "driving grandma to church on a nice, breezy Sunday" to "Eat my dust!" After the race, fuel up on craft beers at Gatineau's Broue Ha Ha and enjoy a nice hoppy one with friends, as you laugh about your mate crashing his kart in the roadside tires.

Tours de Ville Lady Dive

A ride in a convertible is nice. A ride in a two-storey convertible that you don't have to drive is better! Sunday April 23, Lady Dive Tours are back with their "Hop on-Hop off" tours. What better way to discover both shores of the Ottawa River than with a nice spring breeze in your face? At your last stop, take a short walk to Gainsbourg in downtown Gatineau and enjoy an aptly named Road Trip.

For more ideas, head to www.outaouaistourism.com. Whatever you choose, you'll have a beautiful spring week-end!

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