Beautiful pictures of the Outaouais region!

Published on May 14 2015

In May of last year, we launched our regional hashtag #outaouaisfun. A year later, it’s fun to see how many people have already integrated this keyword in their social media practice and more so, on Instagram! Indeed, close to 3,500 pictures have been shared (on Instagram only) using the #outaouaisfun. And you won’t be surprised if I tell you I’m one of the regular contributors ;-)

Because it’s spring (and because I simply felt like it), I’ve decided to ask the Outaouais ambassadors if I could share their #outaouaisfun photos with you! So here’re my 20 favorite pics published in the last couple of weeks…

@andre_stg @caschel62 (La Santé et Plus) @catlefebvre @claudierl @emilianobusby @jessicalambert @james.peltzer @icipatrickpilon @girplo @festibieregatineau (Nick Ghattas) @fairmontmontebello (Marie Loevenbruck) @joselafleur @kseg3 @mathieumarquis @maudepoulin @Outaouais_Bungee @Outaouais_WakefieldMill @rolandbast @smileyom @wheeler_laura




Thanks to the following Instagramers (from left to right, top to bottom): @andre_stg, @catlefebvre, @cashel62 (La Santé Plus), @claudierl, @emilianobusby, @jessicalambert, @james.peltzer, @icipatrickpilon, @girplo, @festibieregatineau (Nick Ghattas), @fairmontmontebello (Marie Loevenbruck),  @joselafleur, @kseg3, @mathieumarquis, @maudepoulin, @Outaouais, @rolandbast, @smileyom et @wheeler_laura. Don't hesitate to follow them!

Days are getting longer, we’re out and about a lot more which means we also have many photo opportunities! This summer, I invite you to become a regular #outaouaisfun contributor! And for events, outings and activities not to be missed, don’t forget to visit

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