"BFF" Day at the Nordik Spa- Nature: that’s the real life!

Published on November 25 2015

What more could you want than a full day relaxing at the spa? Doing it with your BFF (Best Friend For Ever)! That's what my friend Kathrine and I did this week.

Both new moms, it had been a long time since we had not offered ourselves quality time like that. We spend a lot of time together, but rarely just the two of us. Most of the time, we have our babies, our boyfriends and sometimes, our dogs. This is our life, and it’s a beautiful life, but our BFF day at the Nordik Spa-Nature was REAL LIVING.

9 a.m.: We arrive at North America’s largest spa as the doors opened. It was a beautiful sunny day, midway between autumn and winter, at -3 ˚ C. You couldn’t ask better from Mother Nature.


Time to relax

We were so excited. We had 6 hours to enjoy between friends in the unique facilities of the Nordik Spa -Nature. The biggest question of the day was "Where to go first?" Among the 7 outdoor baths, 8 saunas, the panoramic pool and Källa treatment, the second salt water floating pool in the world, the choice was not easy. And the most stressful part of the day was to not forget to show up at 11 a.m. at the Finlandia sauna for the Aufguss ritual.






First stop: the Kalor bath, 100 ˚ F that morning. After that, we followed the thermal cycle: heat, cold and rest. But I must admit that Kath was the only one to get into the Kylmä ice bath. PS : Look at her expression on the picture.






Throughout the day, opportunities to relax multiplied. Suspended chairs in Kalmeo 2, really comfortable wooden chairs in Kalmeo 1, a nap in Tellura relaxation space where there are heat  stone beds and ​​campfires inside and outside.



As expected, at 11 a.m., was the Aufguss ritual. That day, the sauna master used essential oils with black spruce, orange and lemongrass aromas. In German, Aufguss means infusion. The Aufguss ritual heightens the effects of this traditional vaporisation technique by using water enriched with essential oils. As soon as the water is poured onto the stones, a burst of vapor with health enhancing properties is released. The Aufguss master uses a large towel to agitate the air, fanning those present, who need to do nothing more than breathe deeply to allow the essential oils to work their magic.


Then after lunch, we went underground to the Källa treatment, a large salt water pool dug 5 meters deep into the rock and filled with water saturated to 12% of Epsom salt. This was the first experience for Kath and returning to earth, she said: "Wow, it really allowed me to disconnect."



Obviously, no one can go at the Nordik without doing a toast in the lounge of the Panorama section. On the menu for us: lychee martinis and tropical passion, Outaouais cheese plates and a Mediterranean dish to share. All this complemented perfectly this beautiful BFF day.



It’s now official: all the BFFs of the world must experience that kind of day at the Nordik Spa-Nature!


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