Experience Vegas at Casino Lac Leamy

Published on February 5 2018

by Julia from Little Miss Ottawa

Head to Casino Lac Leamy until March 3rd to experience their new theme, “Vegas”.  Step right in to discover the thrills and excitement of an authentic Vegas experience. I went to Vegas a few years ago and Casino Lac Leamy does a great job bringing an authentic Vegas atmosphere to life under one roof. Here’s everything you need to do while you’re there:

See A Vegas-Style Performance

See a Vegas performance as soon as you walk in! You’ll see dancers performing to classic showtunes in sync and in costume. What a great way to start your night! I loved seeing all the routines to the different songs. I felt like I was in Vegas as soon as I walked in.

Julia - Little Miss Ottawa
Julia - Little Miss Ottawa

Try A Game Of Craps

You haven’t experienced Vegas until you’ve played a game of craps. Roll the die and see if you’re lucky! Discover the game of craps from Thursday-Saturday from 7pm-1am at the main entrance. First time playing? Not to worry, the friendly staff will walk you through it. My first time playing craps was in Vegas so I was very excited to see this game available.

Julia - Little Miss Ottawa
Julia - Little Miss Ottawa

Get A Photo To Prove You Were There

Head to the photobooth at the entrance for a Vegas-style photoshoot. They’ll print out a photo for you and your friends on the spot to take with you.

Eat Like A King At Banco Bistro

Sink your teeth into the decadent menu they’ve concocted. Everything was so delicious and a must-try. Order a bunch of plates and share with your friends. On the menu:

King of All Burgers: a patty and jalapeno poppers between grilled cheese sandwiches and topped with onion rings:

All-In Poutine: classic poutine topped with mushrooms, smoked meat and onion rings.

Fabulous Surf n’ Turf: steak and lobster tail

Vegas Style Platter: cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, chicken wings and nachos

Extravaganza Cake: decadent chocolate cake with ice cream

Julia - Little Miss Ottawa
Julia - Little Miss Ottawa

Get Married At Their Vegas Chapel

Roll a die and see who you marry  some fun characters like a mermaid, Darth Vader, pirate, wrestler.! Snap a photo and you’ll have a ring to bring with you. You can visit the chapel on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm-1am, make sure to get a picture in their photo booth while you’re there. It was entertaining to watch my friend walk down the aisle to a mermaid, a very unique and entertaining experience! Below is a wedding I witnessed, I had to snap a photo of this moment.

Julia - Little Miss Ottawa
Julia - Little Miss Ottawa

Enjoy A Fish Bullll At Bar 7

Sip on a cool blue Fish Bull at Bar 7 while the band plays your favourite songs. They’ve created the perfect cocktail that you need to try. It includes vodka or white rum, blue curaçao, melon or peach liqueur, pineapple juice and yellow edition red bull. You’ll find this bar in the middle of the casino and the perfect spot to dance the night away.

Julia - Little Miss Ottawa
Julia - Little Miss Ottawa

Try Your Luck At The Zone

This interactive gaming area lets you choose from multiple games at the screen in front of you! That means you can play roulette and your friend plays black jack right beside you! The upbeat music and hosts will have you feeling the high energy of this area. This is my favourite place to play at the casino. I love the high energy atmosphere and that me and my friends can play different games but still be beside each other. There’s no pressure because it’s all on the computer in front of you.

Julia - Little Miss Ottawa
Julia - Little Miss Ottawa

Win Big

Every Thursday from 6:30-9:30 there is $5,000 to be won from a coupon draw. On March 1st from 7pm-9pm there will be 3 more draws to win $5,000 and at 10pm there will be a draw to win $100,000. There are plenty of other prizes to be won including a trip to Vegas! You can get a coupon by playing at one of the lucky slot machine groupings, by purchasing a meal at a participating restaurant, by subscribing to the Casino Privilèges Club, with certain winning hands at gaming tables and by winning $240 or more at keno. Learn more here.


If you’re looking for a night out on the town this is the perfect place to go. From the Vegas entertainment, incredible food, delicious cocktails and games, you’ll have everything you need for an exciting night out with your friends. They do a great job bringing Vegas to life and it’s a fun theme you won’t want to miss.


Julia, better known as Little Miss Ottawa, is interested in everything the national capital region has to offer. This is her first time as guest blogger for Outaouais Tourism. Check out her blog at www.littlemissottawa.com!

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