Snowmobiling in the Outaouais: it's where the heart is!

Published on March 13 2018

Snowmobiling is an excellent way to discover the vastness and richness of the Outaouais’ countryside. Over 2,000km of trails crisscross the region through dense forests, rolling hills, beautiful valleys and huge frozen lakes. But behind it all are the clubs, who work very, very hard to make sure you get the best experience when you hit our trails!

The Vallée de la Nation

The Association Motoneigistes Vallée de la Nation is a club that operates in the Petite-Nation la Lièvre, in the eastern part of the Outaouais. Most visitors coming from Ontario will access their territory through Montebello and, from there, can ride all the way to the Laurentians and the other sectors of the Outaouais. Montebello and the neighbouring villages will prove to be an excellent starting point for a snowmobile trek in the region.

Riders will get a chance to discover several charming villages offering accommodation, an array of varied restaurants, and a host of services such as gas stations as they zoom through woodlands, farmland and breathtaking hills.

As riders head to the northern part of the Petite-Nation towards Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve (gateway to the Laurentians), they’ll meet majestic Lac Simon and the town of Duhamel, where the deer literally roam in the center of the village. Quite the sight!

The Trans-Quebec trails system

Quebec has a very well developped network of snowmobile trails, including the Trans-Quebec trails, literally a network of numbered “highways” for snowmobilers connecting all the province’s regions. The various local clubs maintain this expansive network. The Association Motoneigistes Vallée de la Nation, for example, grooms its trails 4 times a week, ensuring a pleasant ride for all passing through.

Near Lac Simon in the northern part of the Vallée de la Nation’s territory runs TQ43, allowing riders to head east or west on their excursion through typical, majestic Québec landscapes. The club has recently inaugurated a new bridge on the TQ43, leading directly into the vastness of Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve.

A true passion

Snowmobile clubs are passionate about their sport. They work hard to negiotate passage rights with landowners, maintain the network and set up infrastuctures (relays with toilets, for example) along the trails.

Come and discover for yourself! We guarantee you’ll feel the love and leave wanting to come back!

Good to know!

If you’re coming to the region by the Association Motoneigistes Vallée de la Nation’s territory, you can purchase your pass through them!



As long as conditions allow!

Good to know

Remember that clubs survive by selling trail passes! These passes give you access to all the province's network!

Purchase you pass!

Trails map

To ensure you make the most of your snowmobiling experience in the Outaouais, be sure to check out the trails conditions and other relevant information on the regional clubs’ websites or the Fédération des clubs de motoneigiste du Québec.

Good to know

This map includes all the region's clubs and their contact information.

Download your Outaouais trails map!
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