Speeding down a monorail!

Published on May 24 2022

A new outdoor activity is available at Camp Fortune: a mountain pipe coaster! Alone or in tandem (children under8 accompanied by an adult), speed down the mountain on a one-kilometre monorail and discover this exhilarating ride through the forest where you can reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h! 


As I wait for the first climb to the starting point of the coaster, I’m filled with trepidation. I have absolutely no idea what to expect! I’ve never been on a luge and I’m not crazy about roller coasters. What could a mountain coaster possibly have in store for me? Luckily, I see some little kids with their parents stepping out at the end of the ride and lining up with smiling faces to take another run. I turn to my significant other and assure her that everything is going to be fine. The truth is, she loves roller coasters, so guess who I was trying to convince? 

The time has come to take the chairlift to the start of the ride. Another first for me: riding a chairlift in midsummer! Let me tell you, the view is magnificent. It’s a great way to see the beauty of the landscape and take some great shots! During our ascent, we can see the rail snaking up the mountain and we can hear distant screams, hinting at the kind of activity we’re about to experience.

The long-awaited moment

Here we are at the top of the mountain! A series of sleds lined up on a rail is waiting for us, ready to give us a great experience. Before climbing aboard our assigned sled, we’re given some all-important safety advice, then off we go. I get on the sled and an employee takes care to fasten my seatbelt properly. 

But how does this thing work? Inside the sled, between your legs, there’s a lever. When you push it forward, the sled accelerates; when you pull it back, the sled slows down. It’s that simple. Each person controls their own speed. So I hold the power of the sled in my hands!  

A traffic light tells us when to start our descent. Red flips to green, and my girlfriend gives me a little “Byeee” before she starts off at full speed. I’m next! I stare at the red light; the seconds tick by very slowly, but at last the light turns green. 

With the lever pushed all the way forward, I start my descent. Propelled by gravity and my desire to go full speed, I accelerate quickly and soon reach 40 km/h. “This thing can really move!” I say to myself. When I hit the curves, I’m very tempted to pull back a little on the lever, but no—I hang on and keep my hands firmly in place as I feel the centrifugal force pulling me from one side of the sled to the other.

Dozens of zigzags later, I’m back at the bottom of the mountain. Wow! This is a unique and exciting activity to try! 

My recommendation: take three runs! A minute and a half goes by way too fast to take just one run.

Other mountain activities

To keep the fun going at Camp Fortune, try these other outdoor activities: 

Mountain biking

With more than 20 kilometres of shared hiking and mountain biking trails, mountain bikers of all levels will find a challenge worthy of their abilities. There’s even a mechanical lift service, so you can zoom down the mountain for hours on end. Day passes and season tickets are available.

Aerial course

Looking for a treetop challenge? Test your skills in the aerial park by climbing ladders, crawling over barrels and crossing zigzag bridges. Youll even fly through the air on a few zip lines along the way!

Zip lines

Speaking of zip lines, you’ll soon be able to traverse from summit to summit. This three-line course, over 1,365 metres long, will get your adrenalin flowing while offering a spectacular view of Gatineau Park. Stay tuned for the opening this summer.

Book your tickets online before coming to the site to participate in any of these activities! 


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