Celebrate Canada 150 on a bike!

Published on June 27 2017

Saturday, July 1 is just around the corner, and for some time now, a special kind of energy has been building on both sides of the river. We’ve already hosted several major events this year, and there are lots more to come!

No traffic, no parking problems—just lots of fun on a bike!

On July 1 and 2, several roads in downtown Gatineau and Ottawa will be closed to vehicular traffic to make way for the Canada Day festivities. And where there are road closures, there are parking shortages and traffic jams …

So here’s my great idea for enjoying the celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary: Celebrate on a bike! No traffic, no parking problems—just lots of fun!

Within easy cycling distance of each other, you’ll find the Mosaïcanada horticultural exhibition, outdoor terraces, microbreweries, some fine examples of public art, and of course the official Canada Day sites (and shows), including the Canadian Museum of History.


No bike? No problem!

You didn’t think of bringing your bike? No worries.

Park your car at the Robert Guertin Arena and take the free STO shuttle bus to the heart of the action. At that point, you can rent a bike at a very reasonable cost!! 😊

The Maison du vélo rents all kinds of two-wheelers for just $5 a day. Located in a heritage building in Jacques Cartier Park, in the Hull sector, this local business has had residents and visitors rolling along since 1998.

Another option is the VéloGo bike sharing service. With several stations in Gatineau and Ottawa, it’s a fun, affordable and GREEN (like the bikes!) way to navigate the Canada 150 celebrations. Each bike even has a basket mounted on the handlebars where you can put personal items, and maybe a fresh baguette purchased at a local bakery. Now there’s an appealing image.

Playing tourist and enjoying the celebrations!

Even though I live in the Outaouais, I plan to play tourist next weekend and check out what’s happening for Canada’s 150th.

MCH feu

Saturday, July 1

On Saturday, July 1, during your 1-km bike ride, you’re more than likely to spot me at the MosaïCanada 150 site, or possibly marvelling at 15,000 years of Canadian history in the new Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History.

I’m also considering biking over the bridge to the Inspiration Village in the ByWard Market in Ottawa. But I’ll be back in Gatineau on Saturday night to view the fireworks display from the grounds of the Canadian Museum of History, an official Canada Day site. You have to admit, it’s a logical connection! 😉

Sentier culturel

Sunday, July 2

On Sunday, July 2, my first stop will definitely be Gourmet Alley in Gatineau, near the Alexandra Bridge, to sample a wide selection of tasty local products.

Next, I’ll follow the “mysterious” red line through downtown Gatineau to (re)discover the city core and relax for a few minutes on one of its beautiful outdoor terraces.

OK, true confession: If you see me this weekend following the “mysterious” red line of the Culture Trail carrying my helmet in my hand, that means my curiosity has won out. However, if you see me following the line wearing my helmet on my head, you can assume that the prospect of enjoying one (1) microbrewery beer proved too tempting to resist, and that I’ve left the bike parked somewhere!

Bottom line: Have fun, enjoy the many delights of our region, and most important, stay safe and be responsible! :D

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