Choo choo! It’s Thomas!

Published on March 10 2016

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Calling all parents: If you do only one good deed between now and May 1, I strongly suggest you take your kids to the Canadian Museum of History. Why? Because Thomas the Tank Engine, whose image appears on TV and on backpacks, sneakers, water bottles, T-shirts, and countless other kids’ items, is the guest of honour at the Canadian Children’s Museum, in the special exhibition Thomas and Friends – Explore the Rails. If only so your kids won’t whine, “All my friends went, why didn’t we get to go?”, set aside a couple of hours for family fun at the museum!

The exhibition is recommended for children ages 2 to 6, and I went to check it out last week with my friend Geneviève and our sons Thomas. That’s right: we thought it was too good an opportunity to miss, taking Thomas (age 1) and Thomas (age 3) to see Thomas the locomotive. And for a good 90 minutes, we had a great time!




Please touch!

My first remark on leaving the exhibition: the kids are not just allowed, but encouraged to touch absolutely everything! They can play with thousands of blocks, trains and rails, hop aboard a life-sized, climbable locomotive or make smaller ones move, build a train track, fill up a baggage car, change the wheels on a locomotive, and get a locomotive moving by loading lumps of coal into its coal box.

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Younger children will be delighted by the exhibition’s bright colours and different sounds, while older ones will enjoy learning about science, math, engineering and technology through play. And everyone will love dressing up as a conductor to drive the famous blue locomotive!

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Moms and dads, grab the kids and come on out to the museum!




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