Experience the Nordik Spa-Nature as a couple!

Published on December 9 2021

For the ultimate indulgence for two, nothing beats the Nordik Spa-Nature! With its many baths, saunas and rest areas, each spa experience is unique. Discover this multi-faceted haven of wellness with your significant other! 

When we arrive at the Nordik, my partner Samantha is amazed from the first glimpse. It’s her first time at this Scandinavian-inspired village, the largest spa in North America. It’s big. It’s beautiful. It’s luxurious. Everything is WOW!

After a warm welcome from the Nordik staff, we head to the locker rooms to put on our bathing suits and (complimentary) robes. I leave the changing room a few minutes before Sam, so I take the opportunity to have a look at the site map. Yes, the map is essential—the spa is so big! To make the most of your visit, I strongly suggest you find the saunas and areas you’re interested in right at the start.

Towel in hand, wrapped in a robe, slippers on her feet, Sam emerges from the changing room. Our day of relaxation begins!

The Dead Sea right next door

We start our day with the Källa treatment, an absolutely fantastic addition to the spa experience. It’s a pool of Epsom salt water where you can let go and just … float. There are only a few floating pools like this in the world and everyone has been raving about them, so we have high expectations.

And those expectations are more than met! As soon as we enter this underground pool, we have the impression of being in a parallel universe where relaxation rules. Silence, soothing music, blue light and a Zen atmosphere: a pool has never been so inviting.

Once you lower your feet gently into the water and let yourself float, the feeling is almost indescribable. The best I can do is to tell you that you feel as if you’re levitating, as if you’re on a cloud! You no longer feel the effects of gravity. Personally, I’ve never experienced an environment so conducive to meditation, with no distractions. With my eyes closed, I let myself be lulled by the water saturated with Epsom salt.

The benefits of such a treatment are compared to those of the Dead Sea: stress reduction, improved blood circulation, purification of the body, release of tension, relief of eczema. And since the Dead Sea isn’t exactly on our doorstep, this is an interesting way to replicate its positive effects!

After 45 minutes of total relaxation (a minimum of 30 minutes in the Källa is recommended to feel the benefits), we’re ready to continue our day, already very relaxed. We start our first thermal cycle with the Maa, the hottest dry sauna; we rinse off under a waterfall of cold water, then rest beside a fire. Hot. Cold. Rest. And repeat!

A harmonious dance of vapour

It’s almost noon—time for our Aufguss ritual! We head to the Finlandia sauna to line up and reserve our spot.

After a few minutes, we enter the sauna and the heat is already doing us a world of good! The Rituals Artisan explains what awaits us in the next 15 minutes: an infusion of orange, lavender and geranium essential oils to promote better blood circulation and soften and smooth the skin. The Aufguss is much more than a simple infusion, but a real performance to watch while relaxing.

The Artisan places two snowballs infused with orange oil on the hot stones of the sauna, and the ritual begins as the vapours start to spread. To the rhythm of the soothing music, she waves her towel with precise and controlled movements to send us blasts of aromatic heat. The choreography captivates us, and the heat quickly intensifies. Each gust of wind surprises me and envelops me in its comforting warmth. I’m spellbound. The minutes pass like seconds. This is a real journey for the senses. As we exit the sauna, Sam tells me, “I already want to come back and do this again.”

The Aufguss ritual is included in the Nordik spa experience, but take note: it’s first come, first served. As there’s a limit of 25 participants, I suggest you check the Aufguss schedule posted outside the Finlandia sauna at the beginning of your day. You don’t want to miss your chance to participate in this unique ritual!

Indulge at the Restö

As this is the day for indulgence, we decide to try the gastronomic menu at the Restö. It seems a little odd to enter the restaurant wearing a robe, but the welcoming atmosphere soon puts us at ease.

For starters, we treat ourselves to some baked Brie with pecans and spiced maple syrup. What a sublime recommendation! It’s so succulent that my girlfriend and I almost come to blows over the last few bites.

The main course is equally delicious. As I eat, I can’t help smiling . It’s as if all this well-being was just waiting to emerge. I’m really happy with the way my day has gone.

Soon it’s time for the dessert menu. After some deliberation, we decide on the chocolate fondue with fresh fruit. A romantic option that encourages sharing … or not!

Pleasantly full, we’re ready for the rest of our thermotherapy. In the afternoon, we enjoy a cocktail in the cozy lounge, and end our day in the (heated!) infinity pool with a panoramic view of Ottawa.


Spending a day at the Nordik with your significant other is truly delightful. Its an experience that your body and mind absolutely need, whether you know it or not! Whatever your situation, youll come out of it transformed, I can guarantee it. Namaste!

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