Magic moments with Daniel Coutu

Published on January 18 2019 - Updated on January 14 2020

Everyone knows the Snowflake Kingdom is all about the magic of childhood. Who better than a magician to tell us all about it?

1: What’s your fondest memory of the Snowflake Kingdom?

This might sound like a cliché, but I loved the slides. I have very vivid memories of those. It was exciting, it was a rush. Being there with my parents and my sister, that was a good time. It was funny to watch my parents sliding, to see their childish side, their playful side. And then having a hot chocolate, and those famous BeaverTails. Those are good memories.

*DID YOU KNOW: There are 16 tube slides this year!

2: Who do you like to go with?

I’m the proud father of two beautiful daughters, ages 9 and 11. My partner and I like to go with them as a family. In our age of smartphones and other devices, there aren’t many opportunities to be outside and, most important, disconnected. It’s special! And seeing all the families on the site makes you want to meet others and socialize.

*DID YOU KNOW: There are activities for all ages: the Kiddie Zone for ages 3 to 8, introductory snowboarding and downhill skiing lessons, zipline, giant games …

3: Are there any new things you want to try?

It isn’t exactly new, but I’ve promised myself I have to go on the zip line, and I really want to try the musical bikes—four stationary bicycles, each associated with an instrument. The faster you pedal, the louder the volume of your instrument, and it also generates light effects. I’m really intrigued!

*DID YOU KNOW: Every year, the Snowflake Kingdom welcomes more than 200,000 visitors.

4: What are some popular favourites?

I’m a big fan of the Ice Hogs. They’re so irresistibly friendly! Plus, they warm you up. Another classic activity is admiring the ice sculptures. This year’s theme is magic!

*DID YOU KNOW: It takes 33,000 cubic metres of snow to build the Snowflake Kingdom. That’s the equivalent of 2,300 dump trucks of snow!

5: Do you have any tips for enjoying Winterlude?

Bring hand warmers! Now, that’s magic. They don’t cost much; you stick a couple in your boots and a couple in your mitts and you’re good to go!

*DID YOU KNOW: Daniel Coutu will be at the Snowflake Kingdom every weekend. Be sure to go and say hi. (He’ll probably have a deck of cards in his pocket!)

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