December 14 to 20: Your best Christmas holidays will be in Outaouais!

Published on December 14 2015

“Leave your boots in the bathtub and your coats on the bed!” You’ll probably be saying this a lot over the next few days, especially if you’re hosting out-of-town guests overnight. Here are some suggestions for fun ways to introduce your visitors to the Outaouais region!

Explore Gatineau Park

Snow or no snow, ready or not, here we come! The cross-country ski and snowshoe trails are just waiting for that first snowfall, and they’re open even if there’s no snow. Get together with family and friends and go for a hike in Gatineau Park. Just a few minutes from downtown, this natural oasis is a popular and accessible destination.

Take a ride on a dog sled

Located in Pontiac, Timberland Tours offers year-round dog sledding adventures for the whole family. On snow or dry land, drive your very own team of super-fast sled dogs. More than 40 dogs are waiting to take you on a thrilling ride through a magnificent red pine forest. It’s an unforgettable activity to discover in Outaouais with your holiday guests. Petite-Nation dog sled, Escapade Eskimo and Meute Tanwen offer some cool dog sled ride to.

Go downhill skiing

Despite the lack of snow, several local ski centres are open for the season (including Camp Fortune, the second ski centre in Quebec to open), so it’s a pretty safe bet that most centres in Outaouais will be open over the holidays. Kiss the warm, snow-free autumn goodbye and zoom down the slopes at the region’s five ski centres: Ski Edelweiss, Mont Cascades, Ski Vorlage, Mont Ste-Marie and Camp Fortune.

Visit a museum

At the Canadian Museum of History, there’s a special exhibition about Vikings that will fascinate kids of all ages (and adults too!). Learn more about the fabled Scandinavian culture that changed the course of history. You can even build your very own drakkar (Viking ship) and see how it compares to the real thing! The Canadian Children’s Museum is another family favourite. Watch the excitement on your kids’ faces as they step inside a giant Egyptian pyramid! Be sure to visit the IMAX Theatre, where you can discover the secrets of the ocean, the wonders of the Arctic, or the history of the Vikings.

Free activities, outdoor activities, activities for families and friends—the Outaouais region is a giant playground for all ages. From learning about history to skiing through the snowy woods to driving a dog sled, there are tons of things to do in Outaouais over the holidays!

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