Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello: the perfect winter wonderland!

Published on January 29 2016

Did you know that the Fairmont Le Château Montebello is much more than a 4-stars hotel?  It is a real resort where everyone can spends family time.

Without having to take your car, you have access to a variety of winter activities. After a complete day in the great outdoors, you will enjoy even more the spa, saunas, pool and your conformable bed.

Couple days ago, I had the chance to do all these wonderful activities with my boyfriend. We were like kids in a snowy paradise.

On your marks, get set, go!

Upon our arrival in Montebello, we jump on our snowshoes and headed out to explore this land of 300 hectares located along the Outaouais River. The scenery was gorgeous. One word comes to me to describe the landscape: WON-DER-FULL! We did snowshoe along the 42 km of cross-country trails.


At 11 am, we attended the daily curling workshop offered at the hotel. For Marc-Olivier and I, it was a first experience. And what a discovery, wow! It has nothing to do with what we can see on TV! Our instructor, Denis, is truly passionate about this sport (more technical than you think). Within an hour, we learned how to handle the broom, the 44 pounds curling stone, count the points and we even had time to start a game. And who win? It's me!


The funniest moment of the day was certainly the snow tubing. I can’t remember the last time I sat down in those giants "donuts" And believe me, this is not only for children (watch our video to see how much fun we had).


A lunch in good company

One of the highlight of our day is undoubtedly been our lunch at the little restaurant in the village, the Café entre amis. We were greeted warmly by Chantal and Leo, the owners, who work together for over 20 years.

Everything we ordered (soup, pancakes with spinach and parmesan and pasta with Italian sausage) was decadent. For dessert, we enjoyed a tiramisu, the best I've eaten.

More to do in the afternoon!

Our afternoon began in force with a 4 km of dog sledding. Chiens-Traîneaux Petite-Nation is on site every day when weather conditions permit. Comfortably seated in a huge sleigh, we were in good company with our ultra-friendly musher and 10 beautiful dogs.

And then we continued our day with a 45 minutes sleigh ride pulled by horses all around the Château Montebello’s site.

Around 4:30, the sun began to fall and our energy level too. That's when we entered to take it easy in the indoor pool and spa before to treat our taste buds with a gourmet meal at the restaurant Aux Chantignoles.

Want to enjoy winter to the max? You want to offer you a romantic getaway? Want to organize an out of the ordinary March Break for your children? The solution to all these questions is definitely the Fairmont Le Château Montebello. Located 1 hour from Montreal, this playground will allow you to live incredible experiences that will turn into memories you will never forget!

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