Family Spirit at Domaine Shannon

Published on February 4 2019

A former lumberjack camp built a century ago, Domaine Shannon is one of the 10 largest outfitters in Quebec, with an area of 350 km2. Thanks to its vast territory and abundance of fish, it has been famous for generations.

The operation is managed by brothers Serge and Sylvain Danis, following in their father’s footsteps. Jean Charbonneau, another member of the family, guides visitors on the water and on the portage routes. Passionate about hunting and fishing, he knows the territory like the back of his hand; what’s more, he willingly shares his many fishing tips and tricks!

On the lookout for walleye

We set out at 7:30, unlike a few other boats that left at 5 a.m. After a 20-minute boat ride, we go ashore and carry our fishing equipment over a 200-metre land link between Lake Séguin and Lake Lenôtre, the largest lake on the outfitter’s property. Our destination is a distant bay at the point where the Little Fig River flows into the lake. Early in the season, when the lake water is still too cold, this is where you’ll find the largest number of walleye in the spawning area.

Several boats are anchored there. Walleye are being taken from the water at a steady pace. It’s slowly warming up; we’ve hit the midday lull. We have lunch on a small spit of sand a little further along the shore. After our break, we return to our original spot. More boats are anchored offshore, some of them the same as this morning. A few fishers arrive in four-wheel-drive trucks, having taken the dirt road from Domaine Shannon to the lake.

A generous reward

In the end, we catch about a dozen walleye; we throw back all but two, which we eat with gusto when we get back to the outfitter at the end of the day. The common area in the main lodge is a gathering place that doubles as a restaurant. There’s a bar serving drinks to fishers returning from their daily expeditions, and the pool table is surrounded by tables where patrons can enjoy a drink or a hearty meal. Many an evening spent here has become the stuff of legend! In short, this outfitter is a great place to go for a fishing trip with friends.

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*A story of Alexis de Gheldere, journalist, director and Jack-of-all-trades.


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Domaine Shannon


May 19 to October 20

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Type of fishing: walleye, northern pike, whitefish, brook trout, yellow perch, lake trout

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