February 16 to 22: Outdoor fun for night owls

Published on February 16 2015

We tend to plan our outdoor activities for the day. Howe'ver, there are several ones that are quite fun to do in the evening! Here are a few suggestions.

Family snow tubing at Edelweiss

How about a night out for the whole family? And when we say “out,” we mean “outdoors!” Edelweiss, the biggest snow tubing park in the Outaouais region, now offers eight tube slides to satisfy all thrill levels. And thanks to the new carpet lift, you don’t have to waste your time and energy hauling your tube to the top of the hill. But never fear, you still deserve that tasty hot chocolate at the end of the evening!

Snowshoeing & spa under the stars

On Tuesday nights, you can go snowshoeing under the stars in Gatineau Park, then relax at Nordik Spa-Nature. Your evening starts at 6 p.m. with a guided snowshoe excursion in the park, then it’s time for the thermal experience at Nordik Spa-Nature. No snowshoes? No problem: you can borrow a pair when you get there!

Schuss your way through the Outaouais

Downhill skiing is a great activity for the whole family, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert. The Outaouais region’s many ski centres have trails for everyone, from diehard speed demons to folks who just want to admire the scenery as they glide down the slopes. Most of the hills are just minutes from downtown—easy to get to after sundown!

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