February 2 to 8: High above everything in Outaouais!

Published on February 2 2015

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, love is definitely in the air. Here are some fun activities that will rock the heart of the whole family ... Especially the adventurous one!

Go hot air ballooning in midwinter

Soaring over the Outaouais region in a hot air balloon isn’t just for summer. The Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival and Mega Mitsubishi now offer hot air balloon rides all year round! Get a whole different view of the region’s varied terrain, numerous lakes and rivers, and vast parks under their blanket of snow. Bundle up, and have a good flight! And for breathtaking pictures of the Outaouais from a hot air balloon, I invite you to read José Lafleur's blog post on her summer experience.

Take the Leap of Faith at Altitude Gym

Besides a one-of-a-kind, 17,000-square-foot climbing centre, Altitude Gym is home to Clip ’N Climb, an indoor amusement park with individually themed climbing stations that provide healthy, challenging fun for everyone! Popular favourites: the Leap of Faith, where you jump off a tower and grab a giant bolster suspended in mid-air, and the Vertical Drop Slide, where you’re hauled to the top by a mechanical pulley before zooming straight down. Talk about a natural high! (Reservations required.)


A challenge for the whole family at Arbraska Laflèche

Arbraska Laflèche is just the place for adventurous families! There’s excitement aplenty in the aerial park with its obstacle courses, rope bridges, suspended walkways, trapezes, net gangways and more. For the ultimate thrill, try the giant zip line and soar across a canyon at nearly 50 km/hr, 22 metres above a frozen lake. It will take your breath away!

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