An amazing foodie experience at Le Baccara!

Published on July 24 2019 - Sponsored

Le Baccara is more than just a restaurant: it’s a culinary studio where passionate and meticulous artists create delicious masterpieces. Be prepared for an exceptionally tasty vernissage!

Winner of multiple awards, including the prestigious Five Diamonds rating it has earned 18 years in a row, Le Baccara at the Casino du Lac-Leamy needs no introduction! A true culinary institution in Canada’s Capital Region, Le Baccara charms lovers of good food with its classic yet inventive dishes and its ultra-professional team. Pick an evening and treat yourself to a truly outstanding dining experience!

The table is immaculate and elegantly set, but another feature steals the show: the breathtaking view of Leamy Lake and the city of Gatineau! Besides the artistic creations on the plates, there’s art on the walls at Le Baccara as well, in the form of paintings by the late Canadian artist Tom Hopkins.

My inner foodie can hardly wait to discover the flavours and presentations that await. I’m off to a good start with a kir royal—an experience like this deserves bubbles! My companion opts for Le Baccara‘s signature cocktail, a blue-tinted, lychee-flavoured martini. Ever the discerning diners, we find our mouths watering with anticipation as the server describes the five-course menu we’ll be enjoying. And sommelière Danielle Dupont’s wine recommendations are another indicator of the quality of the experience we’re about to have!

A symphony of flavours!

We start with an amuse-bouche served in a shot glass. Fresh and cool, with delicate pieces of lobster, it’s like a taste of summer. Next, a cold appetizer of slightly tart scallops, poppy seeds, cucumber, orange, and Waxwing gin from the Artist in Residence distillery. The scallops are sliced so thin that they melt in our mouths!

It’s time for the chilled soup, a herb vichyssoise served with a salad of northern shrimp and caviar! This dish impresses not only with its beautiful flavours, but with its presentation: the shrimp and caviar are stacked in the centre of the plate, and the server carefully pours the vichyssoise around them after the plates are set down.

The hot appetizer features foie gras and fruit. Don’t be fooled by the relative simplicity of that description: the foie gras turns out to be one of the highlights of my evening. Besides its creative presentation, this dish takes the classic combination of foie gras and fruit to a new level. The contrast between the richness of the foie gras and the sweetness of the pears is just perfect!

And now, the pièce de résistance: the main course, a pan-seared beef filet with Béarnaise sauce, served with potatoes au gratin, spinach purée, asparagus, and marinated red onion petals. It’s just as delicious as it sounds! Classics perfectly prepared, with a touch of creativity.

Just as we’re thinking we can’t eat another bite … dessert arrives! A delectable chocolate soufflé accompanied by a little pot of banana purée and a selection of fruit treats made with lychee and raspberries. Words fail me!

Virtuosos at work!

Le Baccara offers a seasonal gourmet menu featuring local produce. Lettuce, sprouts and edible flowers from Black Creek Farm in Ripon and Juniper Farm in Wakefield? Cheese from Les Folies Bergères? It’s definitely #Outaouaisfun! Products are selected with care, and sustainably sourced as much as possible. For example, all the fish on the menu is certified Ocean Wise. The open kitchen lets you watch the team at work. Each dish is prepared with precision worthy of an orchestra conductor. Each member of the team knows their part and strives to play it brilliantly. So much so that the experience feels something like a flawless symphony performance!

The service, the setting, the many attentive touches (did I mention the salt crystals delicately placed on the homemade butter to accompany the selection of artisan breads from the Plaisirs Gourmands and Première Moisson bakeries?) and the restaurant’s signature dishes are firmly rooted in the French tradition, while the combinations of flavours, certain ingredients and some elements of presentation reflect current culinary trends. The classic is delicately infused with the modern—and that’s exactly what makes the experience so enjoyable. There aren’t many places where you can not only discover the classic practices of the culinary arts, but order a vegan dessert!

A rousing finale!

If there’s one thing that stands out in my mind about this succulent five-course dinner, it’s the attention to detail and commitment to a job well done of each of the artisans at Le Baccara. From the welcome to the service to the food (of course), every member of the team takes pains to ensure that the elements that make for a memorable evening are carefully combined. And that’s why Le Baccara is worth the trip: to enjoy a unique culinary experience and to meet passionate people!

Discover Le Baccara’s various menu options (à la carte, 3, 5 or 7 courses), or combine dining and entertainment with the special Show Nights menu!

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