Hike the Outaouais

Published on June 12 2020

The thirst for adventure can be almost irresistible, but unfortunately, big getaways aren’t always possible. So we’ve come up with a very practical solution: a mini-adventure in the form of a hike! Prepare as you would for a long trip: pack a change of clothes depending on the weather, bring some food (i.e., lunch and snacks), and plan an itinerary that’s foolproof (or almost)! Lace up your hiking boots and check out our suggested hikes for the perfect outdoor getaway. Keep your eyes peeled: some of the trails lead to magnificent waterfalls!


Looking for a way to get some fresh air without leaving town? No problem: these two outdoor centres have accessible trails where you can take a break in the heart of nature.

*Before you go, we recommend you visit the City of Gatineau website to confirm these centres’ availability and opening hours.



@Linda Roy
@Linda Roy

Mont Morissette Regional Park

While the first of these options takes you to an enchanting site at the foot of a waterfall, the second offers a breathtaking view of kilometres of forest. It’s up to you to choose—or do both!



It’s an Outaouais landmark, and nature lovers know it like the back of their hand. I’m talking about Gatineau Park! But do you know about the Waterfall and Lauriault Trail leading to the lovely Bridal Veil Falls? It’s well worth discovering!


Petite Nation

Plaisance Falls

With so many hiking trails in the Petite Nation, it can be hard to choose! It all depends on what you’re looking for: you’ll find a magnificent waterfall in Plaisance, a panoramic view in Ripon, and lush nature in Duhamel.



Coulonge Falls Park

When it comes to beautiful trails that lead to even more magnificent waterfalls, the Pontiac is a clear winner! It’s impossible to choose which of these two suggestions is better. Both hikes will transport you to a wonderful place!


You’ve hiked all of our suggested trails (and now clearly deserve a medal)? Visit the Outaouais Plein Air website to view a searchable index of the region’s outdoor activity centres. From hiking and biking to watersports, you’ll find it all there!

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