Interzip Rogers: flying high in the Outaouais

Published on July 16 2021 - Sponsored

The first interprovincial zip line in the WORLD, Interzip Rogers is pretty impressive! Rising 36metres (120feet) in the air, this zip line should definitely be on your list of things to do in the Outaouais this summer. Read on to learn more about this exhilarating experience! 

The big takeoff

Interzip Rogers could be described as a perfect crescendo of excitement. It all starts in a relaxed and lively atmosphere at the Interzip Rogers reception area, located on the Zibi site at 40-Z Jos-Montferrand Street in Gatineau. After a speedy registration and a quick equipment pickup, youre ready to walk across the Quebec-Ontario border. During this short hike (carrying your harness in backpack mode), you can admire the launch tower in all its glory, contemplate the two shores, and, above all, watch the descents of other daredevils! 

When a sign welcomes you to Ontario, its official: youre just a few minutes away from launching yourself into the air at 40km/h! Feeling a little anxious? Dont worry, the dynamic team will put you at ease and give you all the necessary instructions to make your descent to Gatineau soil as pleasant as possible. You put on the harness, the guides make sure everything is in order and safe, and youre ready for anything! (Well, almost. Running a marathon in this harness is not recommended.) 

Launch pad

A mechanical device triggers your departure, so thereno awkward/ambiguous moment where you have to completely override your survival instinct and voluntarily leap into the void. Once the countdown begins, you feel the excitement build, and you let yourself go over the Ottawa River. The start is very smooth and allows you to forget appreciate the fact that youre 36 metres above the surface of the water. Whats more, since the zip line is made up of two separate cables, you can enjoy the experience side by side with the person of your choice! Double the fun. 

Its the best of both worlds: a zip line thats fast enough to give you a good jolt of adrenalin, but just calm enough to allow you to fully admire the breathtaking view all around you! To your right, Parliament Hill; to your left, the Zibi site; and beneath your feet, the Ottawa River. Unlike many zip lines that focus on speed and height, Interzip Rogers allows you to fully enjoy the moment and appreciate the urban environment around you! When you see the two guides waiting for you on the landing platform, you know your interprovincial journey is coming to an end. 

A 360° keepsake

Are you the nostalgic type wholike to enjoy the experience to the maxYoure in luck: a KoolReplay recording system will take care of capturing your run from almost every angle. This makes not only a great souvenir, but perfect video content for your social media! 


40-Z Jos-Montferrand Street, Gatineau


Weekdays from 12 noon to 5 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


$39.99 for adults and $29.99 for children 14 and under. Souvenir video available for $19.00.

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