January 4 to 10: turkey-burner outdoor activities

Published on January 4 2016

The Holidays Season may be over, but you certainly didn’t burn all calories ingested. Here are three places where you can play outside with your family and enjoy winter fun. Bored with an activity, just go to the next one. That's the beauty of having so many activities offered on the same site.

Lac-Beauchamp Park

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snow tubing (the rink will be open later this winter, when the weather permits) there is something for the whole family, regardless of age, at the Lac- Beauchamp Park. While younger challenge mom and dad to drag with them (because yes it goes down pretty quickly), the oldest and teens can explore the cross-country ski and snowshoeing trails.

Gatineau Park

In Gatineau Park, there is probably to many choices of activities to do for the time you have. I would say that the choice will be difficult to do between 200 km for cross-country skiing, 60 km of trails for snowshoeing, 10 km of winter hiking (and dogs on leash are welcome) and 10 km maintained for snow biking. Do you know that you can extend your stay with a night in a yurt or a shelter?

Mont Cascades Resort

The Mont Cascades Resort is well known for its slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding, but very few people know that sublime snowshoe trails are hiding in the woods behind the mountain. No less than six tracks of varying length will make you discover the breathtaking landscapes. Whatever your choice of activity is, the important thing is to meet in the cottage for lunch.

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PHOTO CREDIT: National Capital Commission

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