The Centre touristique du Lac-Simon vacation resort welcomes you, summer and fall!

Published on September 18 2019 - Updated on June 5 2023

Summer goes by so fast that we want to make the most of it. Extend the season by enjoying beautiful autumn days with your family. With its cottages and ready-to-camp facilities, the Centre touristique du Lac-Simon offers the comfort of 5-star camping.

My family and I stayed in a ready-to-camp tent at the Centre touristique du Lac-Simon. The experience was conclusive, so much so that we’re thinking about selling our own tent. (Anyone interested?)

True confessions: I love camping, but I really hate sleeping in a tent. The damp creeping into your bones, the sleeping bag sliding around, the tree root poking into your sixth vertebra, the sun waking you up at 5 a.m.—I’ve experienced it all. The ready-to-camp option eliminates all that.

Inside the tent

Mounted on a wooden platform, the tent is equipped with everything you need to ensure your comfort. The layout is simple and efficient. At the back of the tent are two rooms separated by a canvas partition, with raised mattresses; on the right is the kitchen area complete with a counter, utensils and a mini-fridge, and on the left are a table and four chairs. Outside, in a sheltered spot, is the gas stove where I’ll cook my bacon (to the envy of the other campers) tomorrow morning.

The fire pit and picnic table are close to the tent, and there are four Adirondack chairs. (And here I brought my camping chairs …)

In short, all you have to bring is your bedding and your food. I’m completely won over by the simplicity of this concept. No tent to struggle with, no mattresses to inflate. We got things set up so fast that I was almost surprised to be ready in time for happy hour.

Simply irresistible

What’s great about ready-to-camp is that you have more time for the fun stuff! My two boys are in heaven, and they feel like conquering heroes. They’re all over the giant trampoline, the super slides, the play structure, and, of course, the beach. My eldest, taking a short break from running around, tells me that he likes the tent so much he can’t wait to sleep in it!


On waking the next morning, I’m amazed to see that it’s NOT 5 a.m.: it’s 8 o’clock! (Hey, in our house that counts as sleeping in.) That’s when I realize that the sleeping area of the tent has an extra sun-blocking layer. The inventor of this tent deserves a Nobel prize!

The night was cool, but the small heater (provided) quickly takes the chill off. Once again I’m thankful to whoever thought of this. After breakfast (with extra bacon), my partner and I set out to explore some of the many trails at the Centre, while the boys head for the trampoline and other structures.

Paddle board for two. A good idea? Discuss.

Our next stop is the boat rental kiosk on the beach. We take out a kayak and a paddleboard, and put on the lifejackets provided. The weather is perfect and Lac Simon is calm as we paddle leisurely along, following the shoreline. After an hour or so, the kids have had enough, and we head back to the beach to relax on the warm sand before going back to the tent—would you look at that: it’s already happy hour!

Centre touristique du Lac-Simon


1216 Rue Principale, Duhamel

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