Les Chemins d'eau: explore and discover

Published on June 19 2017

The Route des Navigateurs, the Whale Route, the Chemin du Roy, the Wine Route… When driving through Québec, you might have noticed blue signs along its highways and roads. They show a ship's wheel, a whale, a crown, grapes and guide the visitor as they explore the territory, highlighting the region's riches, whether attractions, heritage sites or local gastronomy. Well June 19 2017 is a special day because brand new blue signs featuring a canoe make their appearance on the roads of the Outaouais along its brand new tourist route: les Chemins d’eau.


Why les Chemins d’eau?

Because since the dawn of time, it's the waterways that have drawn the region's geography and history. The Algonquins used Kitchissippi as their highway, the log drivers took timber down the Gatineau and the mighty Outaouais, the Bryson family built its sawmill by the majestic Coulonge Falls, and to this day, boats of all kinds sail and dock along our rivers. It truly has defined the Outaouais' development. Take a look!

We are proud to present this tourist route. It goes through the region from East to West, from Papineau to the Pontiac, from the Collines de l'Outaouais to Gatineau, and along its 278 km you'll find 87 attractions, restaurants, lodging. You'll find the soul of the Outaouais, and each sectors specificities. You'll discover a vibrant culture, fabulous local products and gastronomy, a very Québécois joie de vivre and a hint of the audacity that brought explorers to the Far West of Québec that is the Outaouais, along the province's longest waterway (sorry, St. Lawrence... hey, second place is not bad! ;) ) and its main tributaries.

Along the Chemins d'eau, you'll see the Manoir Papineau National Historic Site from which Louis-Joseph ruled on his seigniory, Old Aylmer with Symmes Inn and the marina, where the leaders of 19th century Canada used to meet, sumptuous Laflèche Cave, sculpted by the waters of the ice ages, the awe-inspiring Coulonge Falls with their impressive canyon and the wood slide Georges Bryson built by it, just to name a few.


Along the way, 7 information terminals have been installed, to allow you to better plan your stay in each sector. Honestly, why limit yourself to a few hours when you could spend a few days? Vacations are made to explore and the Chemins d'eau will show you an Outaouais that you can barely imagine from the major highways. Also, our waterways are so photogenic!

So when you come to the Outaouais, follow the canoe on the blue signs and drive the road less taken; you'll fall inj love with our place, immense, majestic and sculpted by the greatest artist ever, water.

For all the info on the Chemins d'eau, visit www.cheminsdeau.ca!

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