The NAC through the eyes of a performing arts nut

Published on November 29 2019 - Sponsored

Some people get all excited about museums; others are crazy about hiking. Personally, I adore the performing arts! To feed my insatiable cultural hunger, in summer I go to every festival I can find, and when the weather gets cold, I turn to indoor venues. Ballet, theatre, comedy, music of all genres—I’m not fussy when it comes to choosing the next show to attend!

The NAC, a treasure to be (re)discovered

Though I’m accustomed to going to more alternative theatres, in the last year I’ve rediscovered the National Arts Centre (NAC), and I have to admit we’re truly blessed to have such a jewel in Canada’s Capital Region.

Steps away from Parliament Hill is one of the largest arts centres in the country, where you can attend performances by artists from around the world. As well, the NAC is now home to the world’s first national Indigenous theatre department!

The French language is alive and well at the NAC

The world-class shows at the NAC are fabulous, but I have to admit I have a weak spot for NAC French Theatre. The fact that a leader in the performing arts provides such a great platform for Francophone theatre is no small thing!

Known for its bold artistic programming, NAC French Theatre frequently presents socially conscious plays that deal with contemporary issues. But don’t worry—it’s all done with a light touch!

David Mendoza
David Mendoza

J’aime Hydro, a docudrama brilliantly performed by Christine Beaulieu and her acolytes.

My recent experience at NAC French Theatre

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a performance of the play J’aime Hydro, a docudrama with a running time of 3 hours and 40 minutes, brilliantly performed by Christine Beaulieu and her acolytes.

A docu-what? You read that right: a docudrama about Hydro-Québec!

Like you, at first I was a little skeptical about the prospect (no matter how you look at it, it’s 3 hours and 40 minutes of talk about Hydro!). But I was quickly won over by this theatrical concept that focuses on the relationship between Quebecers and Hydro-Québec, a Crown corporation since 1944.

Ultimately, the arts also have this purpose: to raise public awareness about essential issues.

NAC have a fantastic programming for young audiences.

Youth programming at the NAC

Who says the Arts (with a capital A) are reserved for grownups? Certainly not the NAC, with its fantastic programming for young audiences!

Through theme days for toddlers, family-friendly shows, school matinees and other activities, this arts centre aims to inspire young people and encourage them to discover the arts. Who knows? The next Beethoven or Anna Pavlova could well be among them!

In conclusion

If the arts have a superpower, I’d say it’s the power to bring together people of diverse backgrounds around a single subject or creation.

I see the National Arts Centre as a gathering place that truly embodies that superpower.

Useful information

  • No more lineups: your tickets are sent to you by email.
  • The NAC has a large underground parking garage.
  • There are 4 free charging stations on level 4 of the parking garage.
  • There’s a free coat check service, very convenient in winter.
  • The NAC team is bilingual and very welcoming.
  • For performances in Southam Hall and the Babs Asper Theatre, bar service is offered before the show and during intermission.

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