Nordik Spa-Nature, for R&R at its finest!

Published on July 26 2016

The construction holiday is in full swing, and thousands of Quebecers are on vacation. But are they really relaxing? Are they taking some down time? Are they truly in vacation mode? The answer to all of those questions is probably NO!


Did you know that the Outaouais is home to a fantastic relaxation destination, an extraordinary place that’s all about rest and tranquillity? I’m talking about Nordik Spa Nature, which happens to be the largest Scandinavian spa in North America!

Plafe Forestiere

A day spent at Nordik Spa-Nature—on your own, with friends or with your significant other—is a day away from the kids (yes, every now and then that’s a good thing) and away from your cell phone, email and Facebook. It’s truly R&R at its finest!

Always something new!

From the day it opened, 10 years ago now, Nordik has been constantly evolving. I visit the spa fairly regularly, and every time I go there’s something new to try. All the more reason to go more often!

For instance, they recently opened their new panoramic terrace, a lounge–bar & grill-style space in the Panorama section (where talking is allowed) with spectacular views of Gatineau Park and Ottawa.


in a cozy atmosphere and a unique and refined décor, enjoy various grilled meats, fish, kebabs and tacos accompanied by assorted condiments. The menu also offers an interesting variety of alcoholic beverages, wines, and—new at Nordik—microbrewery beers.

Go ahead and treat your taste buds—you deserve it!

Keep an eye on Nordik’s website and Facebook page, because in the next few months they’ll be announcing the opening of Banyä, a new building in the Borëa area, featuring a Russian sauna, an exfoliation room, a rest area, and a yoga and meditation room.

And have you tried the new Mëzz | Café?

Mezz 2



Each time I visit, I like to try something new. In June, I booked an outdoor massage in one of the Massana-Nature hillside shelters. One word: WOW! That one-hour relaxing massage was as restful as a full night’s sleep.


It was definitely a highlight of my spa experience: fresh air, a cooling breeze on my back, relaxing music, an experienced massage therapist, the soft chirping of birds and insects, and the sound of the spa’s waterfall.

Massana 2

Did you know that the spa offers couple’s massages?

Girls’ Getaway

Anytime is a good time to go to the spa with your girlfriends, but Tuesday nights are especially good, because Tuesday is Girls’ Getaway night at Nordik.


A glass of bubbly, tapas, dessert and thermal experience … the perfect combination for a memorable girls’ night out! Here’s a sneak peek at the menu.

So kick back, relax and enjoy! And remember, Nordik is open all year round … so if you need a vacation after your summer



IMG_3743ion, consider a visit to Nordik!


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