November 14 to 20: 3 activities to take advantage of the great weather

Published on November 15 2016

You have to admit, weather-wise, Mother Nature has been spoiling us lately! It’s mid-November and temperatures are still in the double digits, and the trend seems likely to continue all week. So we’re inviting you to enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s only a matter of time …

Cycling and patios in Chelsea

Some of the parkways in Gatineau Park have been closed to vehicular traffic since late October, so it’s an ideal time to go cycling! Never made it to the Champlain Lookout this summer? Now’s your chance! And the trails are beautiful at this time of year, covered in golden leaves. Go ahead, treat yourself! And as a reward, how about a specialty coffee on the patio at Biscotti & cie or a refreshing beer at the Chelsea Pub as you relax in an Adirondack chair on the terrace?

Photo: @davidvonslingshot

Picnic on a mountaintop in Gatineau Park

It’s nice enough to eat outdoors—so load up your backpack, pack a picnic and hike up the King Mountain Trail in Gatineau Park. The 1.9-kilometre trail has interpretation panels, 10 lookouts, and picnic tables where you can enjoy your lunch and a spectacular view. Did you know that this is one of the highest viewpoints in Gatineau Park? See the beauty of our region for yourself!

Photo: @james.peltzer


Roll down the windows at Parc Oméga

Looking for an outing the kids will adore? Spend a day at Parc Oméga wildlife park. What’s especially nice is that in this warm weather you can keep your car windows rolled down for the whole visit! And now that the leaves have fallen, the animals are easier to spot, and the bears haven’t yet gone into hibernation. You can also get out of your car and stretch your legs with a trail walk among the white-tailed deer, feed the trout in the trout lake, and explore the Path of Talking Trees, a trail lined with totem poles representing Quebec’s First Nations.

Photo: @homebody_



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